One Million Endowment for Leon High School

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Tallahassee - September 18, 2012 - 11:47 p.m.

"Leon High School is kicking off a one million dollar endowment," said Tim Jansen, the chair of the Leon High School Foundation.

At Tuesday night's open house, he announced that Leon High School is now the fifth school in the nation and the first in Florida to have an endowment. This means every dollar donated to the school will go into a fund, that money is not spent, but the interest is.

The goal is to have at least $70,000 a year to fund upgrades at the more than seven decades old school.

"Sometimes implementing the technology much of which is mandated by the state takes extra funds," said Marty Towey, a teacher and former student at Leon High.

"It's a great school, but it's old and we're getting to the point that we really need some updates and only a few classes have the technology that most schools every class does," said Rachel Joyner, a 10th grader at LHS.

Teachers and staff say they're excited to see the money go toward adding things like smart boards in all classrooms.

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