Politician Jailed

HARLAN, Ky. (AP) You could argue it was corny or
inappropriate, but for three days last week a Kentucky man known
for his oddball political antics was staring at 10 years behind
bars because of a wisecrack.

Otis ``Bullman'' Hensley was in the grocery store when he
jokingly offered to trade a woman a hog for her two young nieces.
It's an old joke in Appalachia -- considered a compliment by some.

But the woman and her family claim Hensley wanted to entice the
children into illegal sexual activity and they had him arrested.
Hensley apologized to the girls' father in court Monday. The case
has been dismissed.

Hensley has run for governor twice and travels the state with a
giant Fiberglas bull and a sign promising to ``chase the bull out
of Frankfort.''

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