Doby Flowers-Someone You Should Know

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There are many statues on the campus of Florida State, but most of them have to do with sports.

But one statue honors a woman that stood her ground in a time where the odds were stacked against her...

Doby Flowers has never been one to take it easy.

"I was on the fast track at an early age and never stopped."

At 29, she was working for New York mayor Ed Koch. That was after earning a bachelors and masters degree at FSU and a certificate in executive management from Harvard.

But Flowers is maybe best known as the first African-American homecoming queen at Florida State. An honor she earned in 1970.

"It felt so good that we won this battle front. I never saw myself as a beauty queen. It wasn't about that. It was the political side of our accomplishment."

The political side was segregation and in the early 70's, there was a lot of it.

"I got letters from all over the U.S. It was more than just a beauty contest for so many people."

For Flowers and her family, it meant making a statement not only in Tallahassee, but around the world.

And then, in 2004, an integration statue is dedicated Flowers, her brother Fred, and all the students that had to fight for their rights 40 years ago.

"We were here not for ourselves but for those people who had been denied access and equal opportunity."

These days, Doby works for her brother Fred as a legal assistant. It's a job she planned to do for a few weeks, and has stuck with it for 14 years. Because for Doby Flowers, money doesn't make you does and a high priced job in New York will never give her the satisfaction that she gets living near six generations of Flowers.

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