Someone You Should Know-Dana Lachter

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Dana Lachter is truly the voice behind the story. When Governor Charlie Crist holds a hurricane press conference, Lachter is there, signing the message to the hearing impaired.

She's signed everything from the Star Spangled Banner, to explaining what the Governor is saying in a time of crisis.

"It's challenging. The storms have been challenging because it's a new set of vocabulary."

What's also challenging is keeping up with a message and sending it out to the world. But working with Governor Crist and former Governor Jeb Bush has been exciting and challenging at the same time.

"I have a positive response from them and from other state emergency centers who have learned about what we do in Florida."
Lachter also uses her skills while working as an interpreter at the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Her boss, Cecil Bradley is deaf. So through the use of her video phone, she's able to talk to Cecil or any one of her friends who need the phone to communicate.

Her fellow workers applaud her attitude, even when she's working long hours with not a lot of recognition. But Dana Lachter isn't about hearing the recognition. Her happiness comes if she can make the lives easier of those who can't hear.

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