Someone You Should Know-Jessica Smith

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You won't find many people who enjoy their job more than Jessica Smith. The 22 year old works a few days a week at Premier Gym, cleaning, polishing, and making sure the gym looks perfect for the members. It's a job she loves and her enthusiasm is infectious.

"I like it. I like my boss," said Smith.

"She's 24-7. She epitomizes that," said Len Harvey, Executive Director of Premier Health and Fitness, "When she gets here, she goes to work. She works hard and does a great job for us."

Jessica came to Premier through Florida's Vocational Rehab Program. What was a temporary outfit for her, has turned into a permanent job. A job she loves so much, that she's stayed a year and her bosses have no plans of letting her go. In fact, they'd like to see more of her.

"I'd love to clone her if at all possible. It would be great to get 10 more Jessica's," said Harvey

"She does her job, ready to work, is always smiling, and as Len said, she greets all the members and the employees," said supervisor Alfonso Tijerina, "She does her job well and that's what we love."

Jessica was born with Down Syndrome, but doesn't let that stop her from doing what she loves to do. While she may be too shy to dance in front of the camera, she's known to have some pretty good moves. And that along with her work ethic keep her happy and employed.

"I've never seen her sad," said Tijerina, "I've never had trouble with her. She's always been happy to work here."

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