Number of Rabies Cases in Leon County Approaching Record Levels

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The director of Leon County Animal Control says the number of reported cases of rabies in the county is approaching record levels.

Rabies is a virus that infects an animal's nervous system and could ultimately lead to death.

It can be transferred to humans through saliva and the Leon County animal control director is urging the public to stay alert.

In 2008, there were a total of 61 animals and humans that were exposed to the rabies virus.

Already in 2009, there have been over 57 exposures, and the year's not over yet.

Some of the cases came from Myers Park and from the Indian Head Acres neighborhood less than a mile away.

But the official says the cases are widespread throughout the county and not concentrated in certain areas.

The official says to stay current with your pets' rabies vaccinations...and stay away from wildlife.

If anyone spots an animal that seems aggressive, disoriented, runs in circles or reacts negatively to sound, those are good indicators for rabies.

If Leon County residents see these symptoms, stay away and call Animal control at 850-606-5400.

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