A Bright Future Will Cost Students More

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A 15 percent increase amounts to about 400 bucks starting in the Fall, but by 2014 Florida students could be paying 17,000 dollars more for a four year degree.

In the past a full Bright Futures Scholarship paid total tuition costs. Today, even the brightest students will have to cough up a little more to pay for school.

Lawmakers passed an eight percent tuition hike that Bright Futures won’t cover. They also gave each state school the authority to raise the cost an extra seven percent in the fall.

That means the cost of college could go up as much as 15 percent, and students would have to pay the difference.

“I feel like it’s false advertising to say to my generation, oh we’ll pay for your college, we’ll give you a great education, oh and by the way your tuition is going up and your Bright Futures is going away,” said FSU Junior Amanda Davison.

FSU Junior Amanda Davison chose to go to college in state because of the scholarship program. She’s getting a job to pay for the increase.

“I’m worried it’s going to affect my grades and my education,” said Davison.

Students with a Prepaid College Plan may have the same concerns. Plans bought before July 2007, cover the differential tuition increase. Jenn Meale bought a plan for her daughter Ivey just months before the cut off date.

“We feel very fortunate, our daughter was born in June 2006 and we signed her up for Florida Prepaid about 6 months after she was born,” said Meale.

People who bought plans after the cut off date will have to purchase separate coverage for the differential tuition increase.

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