McCollum Disputes Voter Poll

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The 2010 gubernatorial election is still 18 months away but the fight over who’s on top has already begun. A Quinnipiac Poll gave gubernatorial hopeful Alex Sink a four point lead over her Republican rival. Her rival questioned the results.

“This is the only one that showed me behind. I think I’ll take the one that showed me ahead nine,” said Attorney General Bill McCollum.

Quinnipiac defends its poll, attributing Sink’s lead to a Republican backlash.

“The GOP brand is down and that’s obviously affected McCollum in the horse-race,” said Pollster Peter Brown.

But the state Republican Party insists Quinnipiac polled an unfair number of Democrats.

“The margin of Democrats to Republicans he used in that particular poll was twice what the actually registration margin is,” said RPOF Spokeswoman Katie Gordon.

The poll shows Governor Charlie Crist with a huge lead in the US Senate Race but a surge in voter registration is giving Democrats an edge.”

“We think it is a very, very good sign for us,” said Lenard Joseph a spokesman for the Florida Democrats.

Crist isn’t concerned with rising number of registered Democrats, or the latest poll.

“The poll that matters is the one on Election Day,” said Crist.

And with many voters still undecided pollsters will continue to conduct surveys and the results will likely fluctuate. Twenty-eight percent of the people Quinnipiac polled say they still haven’t decided who they will vote for in the governor’s race.

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