Push to Increase Drilling off Florida's Gulf Coast

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A push is on to increase drilling off Florida's gulf coast.

An organization called FloridaOil.org hopes to get an amendment to increase oil drilling on the 2010 ballot.

If the amendment passes, drilling could take place within 10 miles to 125 miles of the coast, according to Pace Allen, a founding member of FloridaOil.org.

"If we can get the governor to promote a deal that returns some of the revenue to the citizens, as Alaska has done, then it's a real win because the revenue goes right back to the citizens," Allen said.

Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson opposes proposals to allow drilling.

"We have to kill this attempt by big oil to come in and hurt national security, trash our beaches and trash our economy," Nelson said Friday in Tampa.

Floridaoil.org needs to collect 700,0000 voter petitions to get on the ballot. The group plans to launch an outreach effort on the 4th of July with the message, "It's time for energy independence."

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