Timeline of Kennedy Tragedies

A look at some of the trials and tragedies the Kennedy family has endured through the years:

First Generation

Joseph Patrick Kennedy, born 1888; died 1969. Patriarch of the Kennedy clan.

Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald, born 1890; died 1995. She married Joe Kennedy in 1914 and gave birth to nine children.

Second Generation

1941 - Rosemary Kennedy, born 1918, who is mentally ill, is institutionalized following a failed lobotomy. She is the eldest Kennedy daughter of Joseph and Rose.

1944 - Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., born 1915, the oldest Kennedy son, dies in a plane crash over the English Channel during World War II. The pilot was 29 at the time of his death.

1948 - Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish dies in a plane crash in France at age 28. Her husband, William John Robert Cavendish, the Marquess of Hartington, died in World War II.

1953 - Eunice Mary Kennedy, born 1921; married Sargent Shriver, George McGovern's running mate, in 1953.

1963 - Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, the second son of President Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, dies on August 7, two days after he was born almost six weeks premature.

1963 - President John F. Kennedy is assassinated on Nov. 22 in Dallas. He was 46.

1964 - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the youngest Kennedy child, escapes death in a plane crash that claims an aide, Edward Moss.

1966 - Patricia Kennedy, born 1924, married actor Peter Lawford in 1954 and divorced in 1966.

1968 - Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated on June 5 in Los Angeles. The 42 year old had just won California's Democratic presidential primary election.

1969 - Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated on June 5 in Los Angeles. The 42 year old had just won California's Democratic presidential primary election.

1973 - Edward M. Kennedy, the senator's son, loses his right leg to cancer.

Joseph P. Kennedy 2d, the son of Robert and Ethel, is the driver in a car accident on Cape Cod that leaves one passenger permanently paralyzed.

1984 - David A. Kennedy, son of Robert, dies of a drug overdose in a Palm Beach, Florida, hotel. He was 28.

1986 - Patrick Kennedy, the teenage son of Sen. Edward Kennedy, undergoes treatment for cocaine addiction.

1991 - William Kennedy Smith, the son of Jean Kennedy Smith, is accused of raping a woman at the family's Palm Beach, Florida, vacation home. He is tried and acquitted.

1991 - Jean Anne Kennedy, born 1928; mother of William Kennedy Smith, was charged with and acquitted of rape 1991.

1997 - Michael Kennedy, the son of Robert, dies in a skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado. He was 39. Prior to the accident, Michael made headlines for allegedly having a long-term affair with his children's babysitter.

1999 - John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette, die when their plane crashes in the waters off Martha's Vineyard, Ma. Kennedy was flying the Piper Saratoga plane that plunged into the Atlantic Ocean.

2002 - Michael Skakel, nephew of Ethel Kennedy, was found guilty in June by a Connecticut jury of the 1975 murder of Martha Moxley. Skakel was 15 when Moxley, also 15, was found bludgeoned to death outside her Greenwich, Conn., home. Skakel was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison in August.

2005 - Rosemary Kennedy dies on January 7 in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, at age 86.

2008 - Sen. Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor on May 20.

2009 - Sen. Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy dies on August 25. His sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, died two weeks earlier, on August 11.

Rosemary Kennedy, born 1918, is currently living in a home for the disabled with diminished mental ability.

Third Generation

1986 - Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, born 1957, married Edwin Schlossberg in 1986. She is the sole survivor of former first family.

1996 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., born 1960, married Carolyn Bessette in 1996. The two disappeared along with Bessette's sister.

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, born 1963, died after three days, just three months before his father, JFK, was assassinated.

David Anthony Kennedy, born 1955, son of Robert F. Kennedy, died of a drug overdose in 1984.

Michael LeMoyne Kennedy, born 1958, fourth of seven RFK sons, died New Year's Eve 1997 in a skiing accident.

Patrick Joseph Kennedy, born 1967, was Teddy's youngest son and was addicted to drugs as a teen. He is a congressman from R.I., youngest person ever elected to House of Representatives.

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