Authorities Need Your Help Solving The Death of Willie Stevens

April 9

The Brooks County Sheriff’s Office is seeking information as to the identity of two persons reported by eyewitnesses to have been last seen with Willie Stevens on March 16th.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed that the body found last week in a wooded area northwest of Brooks County was Willie Stevens...also known as "Walking Willie".

Composites drawn by a Georgia Bureau Forensic Artist released today are that of a dark skinned Caucasian or Hispanic male in his early 20’s. He is approximately 5’7” to 5’8” with short, black curly hair and a white female with blondish hair, also in her early 20’s and approximately 5’4” to 5’5” tall. These individuals could possibly have a child that is car seat age. These composite drawings are similar but may not be identical to the occupants of the red vehicle that Stevens was last seen getting into.

“These individuals are presently only persons of interest . They may not have anything to do with the death of Willie Stevens but may have valuable information that could help in this case,” stated Sheriff Richard Chafin. “We would like for these individuals to come forward,” Chafin further stated.

Anyone with information as to the identity of the persons matching the description should contact the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office at 229-263-7558, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at 229-225-4090. Those persons wishing to remain anonymous can e-mail on to the Anonymous Tip Link at or call the Anonymous Tip Line at 229-263-5865.