Atlanta Police Investigate Possible Serial Killing

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ATLANTA (AP) -- Police are investigating and say there is a
strong likelihood that a serial killer murdered three men over the
past 11 years in a southwest Atlanta neighborhood.

Atlanta police homicide Detective Vincent Velazquez spoke about
the investigation Thursday. Authorities also see a potential
connection to a fourth victim.

Velazquez said there is a person of interest who is very
comfortable in the neighborhood but would not release further

The first victim was 56-year-old Alfred Glass, a self-employed
contractor who was shot to death in August 1998, as he worked in
his garage.

Police have connected two other subsequent murders -- those of
Dennis McGuire in 2007 and Warren Williams Jr. in 2008 -- with the
same gun.

Velazquez said a fourth victim, Joseph Williamson, may also have
been murdered by the same person in 2007.