Church Burglaries in Grady County

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Numerous churches were hit overnight as the crooks forced doors open any way they could.

Thieves stole an old safe from East Side Baptist Church on 5th Street. The pastor says there was less than five dollars inside, but it's not about the money.

"I have compassion for them, I'm concerned for them. I pray for them. As a church we have prayed for them," said Pastor Paul Jones.

Pastor Gwynn Hayes from Tabernacle Baptist Church was also a victim in the burglaries.

Hayes said, "My prayer for them is that they'll get right with the good Lord and start coming to church in the daytime and not at night, breaking in. So I feel bad for them."

Tabernacle Baptist on Highway 84 was also ransacked, but the only thing found missing so far is a single dollar bill.