Murder Suspect Caught

By Julie Montanaro
April 26, 5:30pm

A man accused of killing his wife was nabbed as he passed through Tallahassee.

Scott Lee Huss was arrested with bus ticket in hand as he walked near the corner of West Tennessee and Georgia Streets late Wednesday night. He's accused of killing his wife in Charlotte County earlier in the day, and Tallahassee police quickly got word he was in town.

Tallahassee Police spokesman David McCranie says officers found Huss's rental car parked at the Best Western on Mahan Drive and surrounded the motel, but Huss was not there.

"He was at a convenience store close by, noticed that officers were in the area, so he kind of took the message that maybe we had found him and quickly escaped in a taxi cab downtown, purchased a bus ticket and was trying to make his way out of town."

McCranie says Huss had purchased a bus ticket to Houston, Texas.

According to LT Donna Ogden with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, the body of 31-year-old Yana Huss was found in her home Wednesday soon after a relative asked deputies to check on her welfare. Mr. Huss dropped his stepson off at the woman's house and she suspected something was wrong, Ogden said.

Ogden says deputies there arrested Scott Huss on April 13 for violating a domestic violence injunction.