Teen Arrested in Shooting Plot

By Julie Montanaro
April 27, 5:10pm

A Tallahassee teenager and known gang member is under arrest, and police say they may have interrupted his plans to shoot a student at FAMU High.

Police went to the 14-year-old's home on Van Delia Road and say they recovered a 22 caliber pellet gun in the shed, 16 rounds of ammunition for a real 22 under his mattress and 89 rounds of hollow point nine millimeter bullets in a box full of clothing.

Police say they got an anonymous tip that Samuel Paramore was going to show up at FAMU High Friday and shoot someone.

Samuel Paramore was arrested and taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

TPD Spokesman David McCranie says Paramore is already a convicted felon and is facing new charges for possessing the gun and ammunition.

Police say they are not ruling out the possibility that other gang members may have been involved in this plan.