New Financial Literacy Council

April 30

Monday Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink appointed nine Floridians to serve on the state's first Financial Literacy Council. The Council was created by the Florida Legislature in 2006 to provide a single state resource to the general public on financial literacy.

CFO Sink will use the Financial Literacy Council to help educate Floridians about important financial issues, such as avoiding excessive debt, the importance of saving, making sound investment decisions and planning for retirement.

The Council, authorized in 2006 by House Bill 825, was created to study the financial problems that affect consumers, particularly young persons, seniors, working adults and small business owners, which arise from a lack of basic knowledge of financial issues.

Here's a list of the nine people appointed to the state's Financial Literacy Council:

Paul Auslander (Orlando)
James R. De Santis (Tampa)
Liana Fox (Tampa)
Richard George (Safety Harbor)
Cassandra J. Grayson (Tallahassee)
Doug Heinlen (Sarasota)
Deidre Newton (West Palm Beach)
Obdulio Piedra (Pinecrest)
Dulce M. Suarez-Resnick (Miramar)