Shots Fired Near Godby High School

By Julie Montanaro
May 1, 7:15pm

Shots fired near Tallahassee's Godby High school Tuesday morning shut down the school as well as stretches of Ocala and Tharpe Streets.
Tallahassee Police traced the shots to the Pinecrest West Apartments right across the street. Residents there say they heard multiple gun shots.
"It was first like a firecracker, the second shot rang out, then the third shot ... you could tell they were gunshots, they were so loud," said Tamika Kennedy who was eating lunch with her mother at the time.
Police officers and sheriff's deputies descended on both Godby High School and the apartment complex after school maintenance workers prepping the practice fields had to duck for cover.
"The maintenance men were so close by that it scared them," said Tallahassee Police Spokesman David McCranie. "They thought people were shooting at them, so they immediately went to seek cover and then they notified law enforcement that they were being shot at."
Godby High School was immediately locked down and stayed that way for 22 minutes.
"Kids at no point were in any danger on this, but we have to go through this," says Leon County Sheriff's Office Spokesman Chris Chase.
Officers went door to door in the Pinecrest West apartment complex. They found spent shell casings right next to the ball fields and they confiscated some more bullets from an adjacent apartment.
Joel Germinal says he shares that apartment with his brother and came home from work to find it surrounded by police.
"They took the shells for evidence and everything ... it wasn't us, it can't be us because we weren't home," Germinal said.
Investigators say they don't know who fired the shots or why or if they were intended for anyone in particular.
They're still working on the answers to those questions.
If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 850-574-TIPS.