Andrea Green Sentenced To Life In Prison For Hoffman Murder

UPDATED 3.2.10 630pm

A man accused of shooting and killing Tallahassee Police informant Rachel Hoffman will spend the rest of his life in prison for it.

Andrea Green was sentenced this morning. His sentence was no surprise, but the look on his face certainly was.

Andrea Green walked into courtroom 2E wearing jailhouse blues, handcuffs and a smile.

And as Rachel Hoffman's parents described in painful detail how her murder had changed their lives, Green seemed to be holding back a grin.

"It's really disgusting to see him sitting up there and smiling and have such a disrespect for human life really," said Kelly Olsen, one of Hoffman's friends who attended the hearing.

Hoffman's mother says Rachel's death is taking a toll not only her health, but on the family finances as she struggles to find the strength to work.

She asked not for punishment, but for a face to face meeting with Green to learn the details of Rachel's final moments.

"Please tell me now what happened, what Rachel's last words were. I truly think this would help me to heal," Margie Weiss asked.

Hoffman's father, Irv Hoffman, spoke of the pain of losing his only child and losing the chance to walk her down the aisle and hold his grandchildren one day.

He also spoke of hate, anger and bitterness ... directed not only at the men who killed his daughter, but at the Tallahassee Police Department for its handling of the deadly buy-bust.

"Their reckless, careless, bungled incompetence. Their total disregard for my daughter's safety was evident from the beginning. I hold them all responsible," Irv Hoffman told the judge.

The judge's voice cracked as he offered his condolences to Hoffman's parents and then he sternly admonished Green for his grin, saying he was making a mockery of the process.

Green blamed his smile on nerves. Betty Fuentes, who is part of his defense team, read a statement on his behalf.

"At times I appear smiling which has given the impression that I find all of this entertaining. This is far from the truth," she read. "I am actually very nervous and I express it in wierd ways."

"Rachel, Deneilo and I had our lives changed forever because of our involvement with drugs," Fuentes read, "I am sorry for what took place that day."

Green went on to apologize to the Hoffmans and to his own family.

That done, the judge promptly sentenced Green to life in prison, no parole and ordered him to be taken to prison today.

Co-defendant Deneilo Bradshaw is already serving a life sentence for Rachel Hoffman's murder.

The family's civil suit against the City of Tallahassee is still pending and its attorney said with the release of all the evidence in the case today, he intends to file a notice for trial by the end of the week.

A Tallahassee man accused of robbing and killing a Tallahassee Police informant will spend the rest of his life in prison for it.

Andrea Green was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole and another 30 years for robbery which will run concurrently with his life sentence.

Green's co-defendant, Deneilo Bradshaw, is already serving a life sentence for the crime.

Rachel Hoffman's mother addressed the court and described how her life has changed since her daughter's murder. Margie Weiss says she has had several health problems - including a fractured tooth from clenching her teeth - chest pains and frequent nightmares.

Weiss says some days it is difficult to find the strength to work and her business has fallen off 40% and that has made it difficult to make ends meet.

Weiss asked Green to meet with her personally to describe what happened in the final moments of Rachel's life. She says she needs to know what her last words were in order to move on and reclaim her life.

Hoffman's father, Irv Hoffman, also addressed the court. He fought back tears several times as he described his pain and the pain of knowing he will never walk his daughter down the aisle or hold his grandchildren.

Hoffman says he is increasingly angry and bitter, not only at the two men who killed his daughter, but at the Tallahassee Police Department for what he called a "bungled and incompetent" buy bust that set this all in motion.

The judge's voice cracked as he offered Hoffman's parents his condolences.

Andrea Green seemed to be smiling and smirking the whole time. One of Rachel Hoffman's friends says it was all she could do not to jump over the desk and attack him. She said it showed a total lack of respect for Hoffman's parents and for life itself.

The judge admonished Green for it too, saying it seemed he was mocking the process.

An attorney read a statement on Green's behalf. He apologized to Hoffman's parents and to his own family. He addressed his demeanor too, saying it may appear that he is smiling, but he's actually very nervous and perhaps that shows in weird ways.

The judge sentenced Green to life in prison and ordered him taken to the Department of Corrections to begin his sentence today.

Hoffman family attorney Lance Block says he will file a notice for trial in the family's civil suit against the City of Tallahassee by Friday.

Andrea Green was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after he plead no contest to second degree murder and armed robbery charges for the May 2008 murder of Tallahassee Police informant Rachel Hoffman.

Green's sentencing was originally set for Wednesday, February 24th, but was moved to Tuesday, March 2nd so both of Rachel Hoffman's parents could attend and address the court.

Co-defendant Deneilo Bradshaw was found guilty at a trial in December. He has already begun serving his life sentence.

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