Breaking Down the Ballot

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Tallahassee, FL - "I have, what is it, eight great grandchildren, and I just want to make sure that the world goes well for them." That's the reason 78-year old Geraldine Respass went to Bethel AME Church Tuesday night.

With about two weeks until vote time she's trying to find out what exactly is on the ballot. First and foremost because she's new to the Sunshine State.

"I'm a New Yorker," said Respass.

And because she says it's her responsibility to future generations.

"I think it's important for older people to make sure that things in this world don't go crazy," said Respass.

Crazy is how some voters describe the length of the ballot in Leon County. It's two pages, front and back. It's full of columns of candidates and 12 amendments.

So former lawmakers and experts in the political field laid out the facts of the ballot to the crowd in hopes of making each of them a more educated voter.

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