CARE Tallahassee Asking for Help After Fire

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An organization focused on helping others in the community is now asking the community for help after a fire destroyed on of its buildings.

A burnt ceiling fan and flat screen TV hang from CARE Tallahassee common room. Almost everything in the room is either burnt or has smoke damage after an electrical fire ripped through it last Tuesday afternoon.

"They're was actually a man working there who first noticed the smoke," Glenn Burns, Executive Director of the Good Samaritan Network said.

But the damage was already done. The blaze also destroyed the main office building and a bedroom where investigators believe the fire started.

But perhaps the worst loss, the kitchen. No one can cook in it to feed the 27 residents who live on site.

"Our guys are hard-working and they go out on all kinds of jobs during the day. So we have to give them a good hearty breakfast and a good supper," Burns said.

CARE Tallahassee is a branch of Good Samaritan Network. It helps men released from prison reenter the community.

"What we tell them is, they commit to 40 hours a week of community service and then we try to phase them into jobs. We do job skills training, we have a curriculum that's life skills," Burns added.

CARE Tallahassee struggles financially during this time of year because most of its fundraisers are in the Fall.

"It couldn't have come at worse time," Burns said.

But Burns says the community support since the fire has been overwhelming.

"People are coming saying can we help serve them? The guys are loving it because it gives them a chance to interact with different people. A lot of times they think people don't like them because of their mistakes," Burns said.

If you'd like to help you can call 850-297-1113 or visit

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