Christmas May be in Jeopardy for Some Big Bend Families

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The Salvation Army's Sharing Tree provides Christmas gifts to thousands of Big Bend families.But all that might be in jeopardy this year.

For nearly ten years, Julio DeSilva has helped bring Christmas joy to thousands of Big Bend children as a member of the Salvation Army,

"It makes me feel so grateful and so happy," says DeSilva.

It's a feeling DeSilva's gotten through the Salvation Army's Sharing Tree. Each November, the tree goes up at Governor's Square Mall. It's decorated with about a thousand cards, each carrying the Christmas wishes of a needy child.

But with Christmas only a few weeks away many of the donation cards still remain on the tree. And that has DeSilva worried.

"We want to be there for the children. We want to help them. We don't want them to go through Christmas without a gift," says DeSilva.

Even as the December seventeenth deadline for donations approaches, DeSilva is not giving up.

"We have faith in God and we have faith in this community that we are going to make it," says DeSilva.

And it's through that faith DeSilva hopes to deliver Christmas joy again this year

For those who would like the donate, the tree will remain up inside Governor's Square Mall near the J.C. Penny's

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