City Hosts Energy Expo

City officials and community leaders were out in the Indianhead-Lehigh area Saturday for their Neighborhood Reach program.

All in an effort to spearhead energy efficiency in about 900 neighborhood homes. Crews went door-to-door providing energy saving measures, sealing leaks and offering energy saving products.

"What we will be doing is going into the home and putting seal around the windows, doors also offering other energy efficiency measures such as cleaning out air ducts, putting in new air filters, CFL light bulbs, the whole nine yards," says Sandra Manning, Utility Marketing Administrator.

"It's more important to the individual customers so that they can conserve their energy and reduce their electricity bill, reduce their water bills and reduce their gas bills,"says Mayor John Marks.

Manning says the homes that have been made energy efficient have saved on average about seven percent off their electric bill. She says anyone who wants a free energy audit can call 891-4-You

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