Civil Rights Leader Laid to Rest

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A civil rights leader was laid to rest today as hundreds said their final goodbyes to Dr. Patricia Stephens Due.

She was a mother of three. And a grandmother of five. A student. And an educator. Doctor Patricia Stephens Due was the engine of change. Powering the civil rights movement in Tallahassee.

'We can do some of the things we can do today because they dare challenge the system," says Dr. Walter Smith, President Emeritus of FAMU .

Now, nearly 50 years after challenging that system with marches and sit-ins Due returns home. Back to her alma mater. Back to FAMU. Where about two people came out to pay their respects. To the civil right warrior who in marched many battles over the years. Including her final one with Thyroid Cancer.

"Pat due and her family provided the leadership for change that is being felt today," says Smith.

And Due's message of change is still visible Especially in her hometown of Quincy. The place she grew-up and loved.

"It was not better to bail yourself out out of jail, it is better to stay there, stand-up and have everyone else come in and see what you should do when people are being mistreated," Brenda Holt, Gadsden County Commissioner.

And Due's quest to stop that mistreatment is not over. For those who her words touched, and those who her actions moved the struggle continues.

Due was laid to rest in Quincy at St. Hebron AME Church.

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