Community Welcomes Home Vets

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For many veterans, some of the toughest battles they fight are back at home.

"When you see a lot of veterans that are struggling, unemployed, they don't have any benefits, you kind of think back to all the work you put into it and you did it for your country and all you want in return is to be able to come back and live peacefully," says Demetrius Rice, an airforce veteran.

One of those working to make the transition back home more peaceful for veterans is Rev. R.B. Holmes of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church.

"This afternoon is the beginning of a movement to consistantly say to veterans that we here to help you, mentially emotional and spiritually," says Holmes.

The first step in that movement came Sunday as community leaders, family and friends gathered at the Bethel Family Life Center to honor and show their support to the area's veterans.

The ceremony was emotional for many of the vets and their families who it honored. Like Ray Mobley whose son has served two tours in Iraq.

"Our veterans deserve our support and efforts that this kind of activity displays."

The ceremony ended with a dedication of the new Bethel Veterans Outreach Center. The center should open in a few months.

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