[UPDATE] Crash On I-10 Kills 5-Year-Old And Two Others

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[UPDATE] 6-12-11 5:45 pm--

Tallahassee Police Department say the deceased couple that was traveling in the Nissian was from Greencove Springs Florida. Their names were: Tommy, 70, and Janet, 65, Fisher. They were both wearing their seat belts.

The people traveling in the Chevy: Robert Thompson, 44, and Katherine Bass, 36, both from Ocala Florida. Hazel Pinkey, 57, of Eustis Florida. A 12-year-old that suffered injuries, and a 5-year-old that died.

[UPDATE] 6-12-11 1:45 pm--

19-year-old Mary Trumps is expected to be released from the hospital on Sunday. Her relative says she suffered a broken ankle and should be returned to her home in Beaufort, South Carolina once she's released.

No word yet on the others who were injured.


[UPDATE] 6-12-11 11:55am --

Authorities in north Florida are investigating a three-car crash that killed three people, including a child, and sent several others to the hospital in serious condition.

The Florida Highway Patrol says 19-year-old Mary Trumps appears
to have lost control in her Honda Pilot and crossed the median on Interstate 10, crashing head-on into a Nissan Maxima, killing the driver and passenger.

The Nissan then slid into a Chevy Suburban, killing a 5-year-old and seriously injuring another child and three adults in the vehicle.

Trumps was also seriously injured.

The crash caused traffic to back up on the highway to a three-mile standstill Saturday afternoon in east Leon County.

Sgt. Aaron Stephens of FHP says that when drivers lose control,
it's best not to slam on the breaks but to instead ease off the gas
and not jerk the wheel.

[UPDATE] 6-11-11 11:51PM --

A crash on I-10 on Saturday killed three people and sent four others to the hospital.

It happened at mile marker 215 in the east bound lanes of I -10 at about one Saturday afternoon.

Florida Highway Patrol said 19-year-old Mary Trumps was driving a Honda SUV going west on I-10 when it crossed over the median and struck a Nissan sedan.

Then a Yukon heading east also hit the Nissan. FHP says two people in the Nissan;a boy under the age of 13 and 70-year-old Tommy Fisher died at the scene.

The crash held up traffic in the east bound lanes of I-10 for about 3 hours.

FHP is still investigating the accident. Authorities have not released whether anyone faces charges in relation to this crash.


[UPDATE] 6-11-11 4:23 PM --

Florida Highway Patrol says a Honda SUV was going West on I-10 when it crossed into the median, passed through the median and hit a Nissan going East.

The Nissan traveling East was also hit by GMC Yukon in the eastbound lanes.

FHP says there are three confirmed fatalities, including a juvenile under the age of 13.

[UPDATE] 6 -11-11 2:57 PM --

The Leon County Sheriff's office says seven people in three vehicles were involved in the crash. Deputies also say multiple people were killed. A dog was trapped in one of the vehicles but was just freed.

[UPDATE] 6 -11-11 2:45 PM --

A green SUV and a car crashed just before exit 217, eastbound on I-10.

Some injuries were reported and at least one person is dead.

Tallahassee, FL --- June 11 at: 2:15 p.m.

Tallahassee Fire Department officials say at least one person was killed in a crash on I-10.

FHP's website says the crash happened around 1:07 on Saturday at mile marker 215.

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