New Way To Pay For Parking In Downtown Tallahassee

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The way you pay for parking in downtown Tallahassee may be changing.

You may have noticed certain parking meters on South Adams St. and Park Ave. accepting credit cards.

It's all a part of Tallahassee's 'Smart City Initiative'.

But the change may not be permanent.

"We have not yet purchased these meters. We have 17 of them for a pilot program that we're just doing for 90 days," Allen Secreast, City of Tallahassee Traffic Mobility Manager said.

The city would have to pay about $500 for the new meters.

That's more than double of what the old meters cost.

"If it could provide better customer service for our residents and visitors I think it's a win win situation for us," Secreast said. "We've been getting a lot of positive feed back from our customers who use them," he added.

Also part of the pilot program are three new parking kiosks on Madison St. in Collegetown.

The kiosks cost $9,000.

"We can do special event parking and we can change our rates for special events such as FSU football games."

The normal everyday cost for meter and kiosk parking is 50 cents an hour.

However, if paying with a credit card there's a minimum time requirement of two hours.

After the 90 days, the city will review a report and decide on whether to purchase the new equipment or not.