Jefferson County Drowning -UPDATE

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[UPDATED] at 4:20 PM by Stephanie Salvatore

Sheriff's deputies say 43 year old Eric Wilson of Monticello fell overboard while fishing Monday afternoon, and his uncle immediatety called 911.

Wilson was fishing on a boat on a private pond off Highway 59 and Whitehouse Road with his uncle Hopkins Thompson when he fell in the water. Family members watched as the Leon County dive team searched for hours for Wilson's body, until they were able to recover it around 10:30 PM. Detectives say the murky water and time of night made the search much more difficult for the divers.

"A lot of things change- this was late afternoon, alot of daylight and by the time we're here and starting it's already dark and distance factors at night and things you see are just very different at night, so we have to kind of ball park where we get and start there and do our systematic search, and sometimes it takes a little while and very fortunately last night we were able to recover him," says Pat McLeod, a detective and member of the LCSO dive team.

Family members declined to speak with us at this time.

At this point, deputies are viewing the situation as an accidental drowing. However an autopsy has not yet been completed--we'll keep you posted on the very latest.
Updated 11/2 at: 12:17 p.m.

Deputies have identified the drowning victim as Eric Wilson of Jefferson County. He was believed to be 43 years old. Deputies say the man he was with at the time was his uncle.

Updated 11/2/10 9:40 a.m.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says a Leon County dive team recovered the drowning victim's body around 10:30 Monday night. The sheriff's office has not yet released the victim's identity.
Updated by La'Tasha Givens at 8:30pm

Jefferson County man drowns just after 6 pm, tonight and a dive team is activated to recover his body.

First responders are still on the scene in Lloyd, Florida and will continue to work into the night.

Jefferson County sheriff David Hobbs says an adult male was fishing with a friend on a private pond off Highway 59 and Whitehouse Road when he fell off the boat.

The friend called police after the unidentified man went under.

The family is on scene tonight as the Leon County Dive team tries to recover the body.

Officials say because it is nearly pitch black in the area and the water is cold, this could be a slow recovery.

Updated by News Team

Jefferson County deputies are en route to a pond off Whitehouse Road in Lloyd.

The sheriff's office got a call at about 6:15 tonight about a possible drowning.

Jefferson County deputies say they have called in the Leon County Dive Team for help.

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