Man Running Across America For Military

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Tallahassee - May 4, 2012 - 11:45pm

Fifty-five year old John Pyle is from Sarasota, Florida. He runs more than 40 miles a day for the Patriot Run Across America.

He stopped in Tallahassee Friday night. He's 66 and about 2,500 miles into his journey raise awareness for the men and women in our military.

"If anybody has any questions about the health of patriotism in this country just grab a flag and run down the street with it one time, you'll see that patriotism is alive and well in this country," says Pyle.

The finish line for this run is in the Florida Keys. When he gets there, Pyle plans to run in the Keys 100 Mile Run. So far, he's run in more than 70 marathons.

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