Michael Jordan and Friends Live in Tallahassee

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He is known as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Johnny Cash knew how to walk the line, and kept his eyes open all the time.

It's hard to follow the same path, because not many people will believe you.

"After the service in Vietnam, the highway patrol man stopped me and asked me my name. I told him it was Johnny Cash. He said, and I'm June Carter, get out of the car," said Monticello resident Johnny Cash.

So he did, and from that point on, this Johnny Cash would never be the same. At 62 years old, he lives on his farm with his wife doing odd jobs, but struggles to find anyone to take him seriously, or believe that Johnny Cash is his real name.

"I've been applying for a job, I say my name and they say sure and hang up."

Cash says he's had people all the way from Australia call him and ask him to sing, so he does, not well, but he does it anyway.

No one makes fun of a reverend. Especially not in his church. But that wasn't always the case.

"We moved to Dayton from Chicago in the 6th grade and the teacher introduces me to class. All the kids started laughing," said Wildwood Church Pastor Bob Evans.

It's not because Bob Evans was the new kid, it was because he was...Bob Evans...

"I had to be told that there's a Bob Evans farm sausage. From then on, I was known as sausage."

This Bob Evans is the Pastor at the Wildwood Church in Tallahassee. The name is so popular in his family that his dad is Bob and his son is Robert. Maybe a name from up above, or maybe, he just likes sausage.


There's no arguing that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player in NBA history. This Michael Jordan.....well---he has the same name, and a nice smile.

"I bounce the ball and I shoot, it just doesn't go in."

This M.J. is money on the court---this M.J. deals with money. He's the branch manager and senior VP at Wells Fargo. His friends call him Josh, his birth certificate says Michael, and he's from North Carolina...like the real Mike..but that's about all these two have in common. But every now and then, this Michael Jordan pretends he's the other Michael Jordan.

"A young man, he was making the reservations. I didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't the real one because it just made his day," said Wells Fargo Senior V.P. Michael "Josh" Jordan.

Woody Hayes was one of the most well known college football coaches of all time. His sideline antics put him in a league of his own. Much like the mid-day radio D.J. at 94.9 who is also Woody Hayes.

"I've yet to deck anyone coming down the sidelines."

This Woody got his name and his start because a former boss was from Columbus, Ohio and was a big Ohio State fan. And now, 19 years after his name changed for good, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that knows him other than Woody.

"Unless you are in my family, no one knows me other than Woody Hayes."

And that's the thing about Bob Evans, Michael Jordan, and Johnny Cash. They didn't ask for this, but each one of them have embraced their 15 minutes of fame whether by sausage, air, or in their own ring of fire.

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