Midway Police Department Gears Up For The Seatbelt Awareness Campaign

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Midway Police Department Press Release

The Midway Police Department (MPD) will be joining coordinated efforts between federal law enforcement and state highway safety advocates across the United States as a part of the 2013 Click It Or Ticket Campaign.

Of the many traffic deaths that occur in this country, most could be easily avoided if the occupants of moving vehicles would simply take the initiative to buckle up.

That is why MPD will be advocating an enhanced enforcement of the Florida Safety Belt Law in this year Click It or Ticket campaign. Officers of this department will be highly visible on our roadways as a reminder to all drivers and passengers to fasten their safety belts.

Florida law requires that drivers and front seat occupants are to buckle up. Occupants under the age of 18, regardless of where they're seated in the vehicle, must where a safety belt; the driver will be held accountable in such cases said, Interim Chief of Police Jerome Turner.

Due to the heightened number of unbelted traffic deaths that occur during the hours of 6 p.m. - 5:59 a.m., the MPD, along with agencies nationwide, will be directing our special attention to drivers and passengers not wearing a safety belt at nighttime. In 2010, in Florida, 571 unbelted traffic deaths occurred at night, 218 occurred during the day. 1 avoidable traffic death is too many.

The Midway Police Department encourages drivers and passengers to join this nationwide effort by wearing a safety belt every time you enter a vehicle. In Gadsden County (Midway) fine amounts are:

Seatbelt Violations are: $111.00

Child Restraint Violations are $162.

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