National Black/HIV AIDS Awareness Day

HIV and AIDS are major issues for the black community.

Today hundreds of students came to FAMU. All for the Capital City Youth Conference and National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. For three years now, the conference has brought attention to the disease.

"And because we do have so many young individuals who are not familiar with the disease, the different signs and symptoms of the disease, this is more like an educational forum so that they can become more aware of the diseases in the community," says professor Monekka Monroe.

"They didn't know the impact the different decisions could have on their life. And the fact that we had a lot of people who brought their personal experience to the table, that helped to deliver the message," says Vaughn Benton, a FAMU student.

Monroe says the biggest message of the forum was practicing safe sex. And using protection. She says a great emphasis was put on abstinence as well. The forum will continue tomorrow.

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