New Budget and Land Disputes Discussed During County Commission Meeting

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By: Bailey Myers
July 9th, 2013
Tallahassee, FL: In Leon County you may start paying a little more for gas and those in the incorporated area of Leon County may see some changes with their trash.
Tonight the Leon County Commission approved the 2014 fiscal budget. One of the changes would be a five cent gas tax, effective january of 2014. The five cent tax would be applied to each gallon purchased at the pump. According to the Commissioners, if this plan goes through, this could mean around two million dollars for the city of Tallahassee and Leon County.
Nick Maddox Leon County Commission Chairman "We were able to balance not only the budget here in Leon County but also the concerns that our constituents are having economically."
The Commission also approved a solid waste fee structure for those in the incorporated parts of Leon County. The County Commission will hold public hearings on this budget before it is implemented. the first meeting will be september 17th and the final one will be september 24th.
Tonight was also the first of two Public Hearings regarding development off OF Bannerman Road in Leon County. Representatives from the various home owners associations opposed to the development, spoke tonight in front of the commission in hopes tonight public hearing wouldn't legally be counted. Many of the representatives believed the hearing was put together too short notice and violated their right to due process.
CEO of Summit Group, Claude Walker, explained "You know we expected opposition, and we have talked with many of these people that were here, and we will continue to talk to them to try and work through their issues to seek resolution."
The development project encompasses around 100 acres. And the proposal includes commercial and office space along with apartments and single family homes.

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