One Year Pause on School Grades Approved

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Sanctions resulting from Florida's school grading system will be put on hold for a year under a bill signed by Gov. Rick Scott.

Scott signed the bill (SB 1642) overhauling the state's A-to-F grading system on Monday along with more than 50 other bills.

The legislation follows a tumultuous time for Florida's education system during which critics questioned both the state's grading system and new testing standards.

The decision to overhaul the grading system is being made as the state transitions to a new standardized test.

A key portion of the bill would ensure that schools wouldn't receive sanctions or penalties as a result of school grades issued in 2015. That's because the state plans to use the first year of the new test as a baseline to measure schools.

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