Portion of Gaines Street Opens

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Tallahassee - June 5, 2012 - 11:46pm

Gaines Street from Macomb to Railroad Avenue is now open for two way traffic again. For more than a year residents have been dealing with the road closures on Gaines Street.

"This is all part of the commission's mission for an 18 hour downtown., " said Steve Shafer, an engineer for the City of Tallahassee.

The closure has now gotten one block smaller. Business owners say it's progress but won't provide too much relief.

Steve Gilbert owns Action Auto right there on Gaines near the corner of Macomb. He says the construction has driven customers away.

"It's affected my business from day one, top of the hill I've lost $1,100 a day, for a year and six months, " said Gilbert.

Even though he is upset about losing profit, he says he is impressed with the construction company and says he's been kept informed on everything they're doing.

And the City of Tallahassee says the project will eventually benefit everyone in the long run.

"Getting two way traffic open to Railroad is a big deal for us because Railroad Avenue is a North South link, this is just going to help traffic flow in the area for sure," said Shafer.

The city plans to link Gaines Street to Lake Bradford, which they say will be an added bonus for the crowds that come for FSU football games. Gaines turns back into a one way street past Railroad Avenue to Woodward.

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