President of FSU Wants Competitive Salaries for Professors

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Tallahassee, FL - Sandy Lewis has been a professor in the College Education at Florida State University for four years, but she's been with the university since 1993. We asked her when she would like to see a raise in her paycheck.

"Yesterday!," said Lewis.

No surprise there, right? Well now the president of FSU, Eric Barron, says he's working toward just that. In his annual State of the University Address he talked about where the university has been and where it needs to go.

"Prior to this year, we had four years in a row which we lost more than 50 faculty each year, that hurts," said Eric Barron, President of FSU.

He says they've lost $105 million in funding which makes it harder to keep faculty happy.

"Typically they're being offered 20 - 25% more than we pay them to leave to go to other institutions," said Barron.

"They get a promotion after seven years if they're doing what they're supposed to be doing but that's the only salary increase for a 14 year period. That makes you kind of frustrated about how much your valued by the institution," said Lewis.

Barron says raising tuition has helped regain about one-third of what they've lost. He also plans to continue to ask lawmakers for funding. These are just a few ways he hopes to keep teachers, like Lewis, happy and at Florida State.


Tallahassee, FL - Keeping professors, and making FSU more competitive nation wide were just a few topics the president of the university touched on in his state of the university address.

For almost an hour this evening president Eric Barron delivered his state of the university address.

He talked about where FSU has been and where it still needs to go.

He highlighted the achievements in his address, being ranked 97th in the nation, graduating a record number of PHD's, and highlighting the alumni for being the most giving in the entire state.

He also told the crowd that for the first time in a few years, they are beginning to recover from faculty loss.

Barron says he's tired of losing quality professors because they can get a 20 percent pay bump else where, so he wants to be able to give them more competitive salaries.

Eric Barron, FSU president, stated, "so that they know that we appreciate them, but so that other institutions and lesser institutions don't steal our stars."

When it comes to tuition, Barron says a higher tuition would make the school more competitive among research schools in the nation. He says right now FSU ranks dead last.

Tallahassee, FL - President Eric Barron did touch on tuition in his university address. During this years legislative session he was a big supporter of being able to raise the 15 percent tuition cap.

This was eventually vetoed by the governor, but Barron says a higher tuition would make FSU more competitive among research universities nationwide.

He spoke about the positives FSU had experienced this year, such as being ranked 97th in the nation among all universities.

Having a record number of PHD's graduate, and that the university has the highest percentage of alumni that give back out of all schools in Florida.

When it comes to research universities he says FSU ranks dead last.
He says FSU is also the most affordable to get into.

He said during the legislative session that a higher tuition would make the school more competitive.

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