[UPDATE] Springwood Elementary on Lock Down

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UPDATED 11.9.2010 by Julie Montanaro

A homeowner confronts a pair of burglars and the ensuing chase puts a Tallahassee elementary school on lockdown.

Parents arrived at Springwood Elementary this afternoon
to find the gates locked, flashing lights out front and a chopper circling overhead.

The school was locked down for nearly an hour while Tallahassee Police searched for a burglary suspect who had run into the woods behind the school.

"I'm kinda glad that they're scoping the area and they do have the campus on lockdown and they're not letting anyone there including me as a parent to get my child until they find that person that they're looking for," said parent Chandrea Washington who was waiting to pick up her daughter.

When all was said and done, police caught one suspect near the home that was burglarized on Mayflower Court and another behind the school fence.

Officers also stopped and searched a red SUV on nearby Gaffney Loop. A young girl was in the back of a patrol car there.

A teenage girl was also arrested in connection with the burglary, though it is not clear yet what role she played in the crime.
[UPDATE] 11-9 2:25PM --

TPD reports Springwood Elementary lock down is lifted after 2nd burglary suspect is caught.


Tallahassee, Florida --

Eyewitness News reports that Springwood Elementary, located off of Fred George Road in Tallahassee, is on lock down.

TPD says a burglary was called in at the 3900 block of Mayflower Court. Police showed up and confronted the two burglars. They were able to arrest one and the other fled. Police don't know if he is armed or not, so nearby Springwood Elementary is on lock down as a precaution. There is a helicopter in the air and several officers on foot, searching for the suspect.

Stay with WCTV for details.

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