Storms Destroys Decatur County Home

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The Hahns have owned their property in Decatur County for about five years. And in all their time there, they've never experienced anything quite like this.

"I've often wondered if this building would stand-up to a tornado, now I know," says Christopher Hahn.

This is all that remains. Twisted pieces of siding and glass liter the lawn. Shingles from the roof are scattered about. A home in ruins. All after a possible tornado rolled through Decatur County Georgia Saturday(3-3-12), tearing apart the Hahn's home while they were inside.

"Car is upside down. The camper is gone. Absolute devastation," says Hahn.

Hahn had gone outside for a cigarette when he saw the storm approaching.

"There was a light colored section and a debris field in the air. And I come inside, I grab my wife. We dove into the bedroom and I said get on the floor now," says Hahn.

Within seconds, Hahn says it was over. Leaving him and his wife untouched. But not their home.

"It is so fast, there is no thought. It's when you go out and actually see the devastation that it hits you," says Hahn.

But it wasn't just the devastation that hit Hahn. But also how fortunate he and his family were.

"I'm alive. My wife and I are unscathed.Not a scratch. I can fix this. I built this to begin with we can do it again," says Hahn.

For now, Hahn says his family will stay in a camper a neighbor gave them

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