Tallahassee Doctor Buys 300 Tickets to See "Red Tails"

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Tallahassee -Dr. A.J. Brickler works at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital's Women's Pavilion. He delivers babies and helps bring new life into the world.

He's also been a pilot for more than 20 years, and every year on Memorial Day weekend in Tuskegee, he actually gets to fly with Tuskegee Airmen survivors.

He says, "I've been a devotee of the Tuskegee Airmen for many years."

And so much so that when he heard of the movie "Red Tails", which depicts the story of the brave men, he made it his mission to make sure that the story of America's first black military airmen was heard.

So on Saturday he bought three hundred tickets to fill up two movie theaters at Governor Square Mall to share the movie and the story which is so near and dear to American History.

He says, "If I'm a nutty doctor that would do this for all the people I know, I would think that would show you the importance of the movie. These guys did a great job and they opened up the potential for integration in the armed forces and in America."

And proving, as the movie depicts, that courage has no color.

The entire group will gather tomorrow morning for the 9am showing. They will be joined by one of the Tuskegee pilots, Cornelius Davis.

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