Tallahassee Spring Break Stay-Cation

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Spring Break is the reason for the season this week, in The Leon County School District.

Class is dismissed for this week but for some local families the economy has made it harder to leave town, so they'll be relaxing with a Tallahassee Stay-Cation.

Amie Souder says, "When you go to a theme park it's more hustle and bustle and you don't get to sit back, relax and have family time. So, it's nice when you get to spend time at a local park. You don't have to deal with the stress from packing, the vacation and the traffic. It's definitely been nice staying home."

But there are plenty of ideas to go around.

Lisa Williams says, "I plan on taking my kids to the fun station, take them to Chuck E. Cheese and do things with them at our house. Games, and stuff like that."

With spring break in full effect this week, I went around town and spoke with the people who will be enjoying it most, and that's the kid's.

Gunner says, "Going on field trips and hanging out with my friends."

Amya Williams says, "Get wet, go to Chuck E. Cheese and have fun."

Another great alternative instead of leaving town is trying local spring break camp.

The Challenger Learning Center and The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science are just two places that will be hosting camps all week.

These camps are an affordable alternative to vacations that can cost thousands of dollars.

Check out the following websites for a few fun things to do over spring break:

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