Tallahassee's Spring Home Makes National Headlines

A piece of Tallahassee's history is being recognized across the country.

TIME Magazine, CNN, even the New York Times is featuring Tallahassee's Spring House on its website this week.

"The National Trust for Historic Preservation designates what they consider to be the 11 most endangered historic places in this country. This year we are one of them," Mary Jo Spector, Architect and Board Member of the Spring House Institute said.

Famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright designed the home on Okeeheepkee Drive.

Wright agreed to draw up the plans after the family who lived in the house, George and Clifton Lewis met him at Florida Southern College.

"They told Mr. Wright, we don't have a lot of money but we have a lot of children," Spector said.

What's so historic about the house here in Tallahassee, is not only its unique design, but it's the only home of Mr. Wright's built here in Florida.

"It was designed and built in 1954 less than five years from his death. He never had the opportunity to see the house," Spector said.

Clifton Lewis passed away earlier this year but she lived in the home until just a few years ago. The Spring House Institute is now focusing on restoring the piece of architecture.

"The institute was founded by Clifton Lewis with the intent of making this a public place that's available for the arts, humanities, cultural activities," Spector said.

Currently, the Lewis family still owns the home.

However, the Spring House Institute plans to buy it.

Several of the Lewis' children and grandchildren serve on the board.

The organization is also raising money for further restoration.

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