Winter Rose Blooms at Camellia Show

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Tallahassee, FL --

A flower commonly known as the winter rose is in full bloom and was on display at an annual show in Tallahassee this weekend.

The Tallahassee Camellia Club hosted the 57th annual Camellia show, where an estimated 800 people came to preview what's in store for the flower lovers this season. There are several hundred varieties of the plant, which originated in China. While most flowers bloom during the warmer temperatures, Camellias flourish during the winter time.

A member of the Tallahassee Camellia club, Howard Rhodes, says "Most people's expressions are 'wow we didn't know we could do that here in Tallahassee' and especially people from up north, they come down and they find many many flowers and they say 'what are these things."

A Tallahassee Camellia Club member says you can purchase the beautiful flowers at local plant nurseries such as Tallahassee Nurseries and Espositos.

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