Young Professionals Guide to Tallahassee

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February 23, 2012 -

Thousands of students graduate from FSU, FAMU or TCC every year. For many, their new paths take them outside of Tallahassee, but for those choosing to stay, the capital city is becoming a place that caters to the young professional.

More than 180,000 people make up the population of Tallahassee. It's a city where laws are made for Floridians and a place where thousands come for a top notch education as a Seminole, a Rattler or a proud Eagle. And for more and more people, especially 20 and 30-somethings, it's becoming home.

Many young professionals are finding that Tallahassee has more to offer for everyday life, than just a fun college town atmosphere. Turns out, many are falling in love with the capital city post graduation.

When asked what they love about Tallahassee, Aaron Thomas says, "The weather of course! And Florida State football! I really like the hometown feel.

Ben Frisby says, "I'm from here. There are so many places to go hiking, canoeing, camping, so if you're an outdoor enthusiast, Tallahassee is a great place to be."

And Jasmine Clemons tells us, "I love living in Tallahassee mainly because the people that live here love Tallahassee too. There's things going on right now to keep everybody here. I really like the excitement in the air."

After walking across that stage and grabbing that diploma, it's time to grow up, get serious and get a job, all while having some fun of course.

We talked to one group of young professionals that is a mix of home-grown and transplant Tallahasseeans, if that's the correct term anyway. They''re part of a group called Access Tallahassee.

Nick Williams is the chair of the group and says, "Access Tallahassee provides a multitude of events ranging from business professional, networking, also building yourself as a person in life and connecting with people in your same life cycle." breaks down the percentages of age groups living in Tallahassee.

Under 5 5%
5-17 12%
18-24 30%
25-44 28%
45-64 17%
65 & over 8%

As you can see, those between the ages of 18 to 44 make up more than half of the population. This group is categorized as young professionals who are demanding more from their city. And more they are getting. Access Tallahassee is a great group for networking and educating yourself professionally, but Tallahassee is also maturing socially as well.

Pam Bauer, Director of Sales of Hotel Duval says, "Hotel Duval is a locally owned business, and owned by young professionals. They knew growing up in Tallahassee that the options that we have and knowing there would be an addition like Hotel Duval with a venue like Level 8 on the rooftop, that we could provide an entirely different venue for any occasion."

Within the past few years, the area off Thomasville Road near Monroe, known as Midtown, sprang up as a place for the post-college student to hang out and have fun. In downtown Tallahassee, you can kick back and have a cocktail on the only rooftop bar and lounge of its kind from Atlanta to Miami.

Helping to provide a taste of the big city life, in a small town package.

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