TSA Unveils Advanced Imaging Technology at Tallahassee Airport

By: TSA Release, Lanetra Bennett Email
By: TSA Release, Lanetra Bennett Email

Updated by Lanetra Bennett - October 20, 2011 -

The Tallahassee Regional Airport has added one more layer of security.

The Tallahassee Regional Airport now has a body scanner.

The Advanced Imaging Technology machine screens passengers for weapons, explosives and other objects concealed under layers of clothes.

Passenger Nipha Vaughn says, "I like it. Tallahassee Airport, they've really upgraded a lot because 20 years ago, not like this. So, I really like it. I'm very impressed."

Anyone old enough to hold their arms up for five seconds can come through the scanner. All you have to do is walk in, face forward, and hold both hands above your head, keeping your elbows lined up with your ears.

It only takes about five seconds to go through, compared to pat downs that can take up to five minutes.

Passenger Jared Manasek says, "I personally don't like to go through the body scanners because of the X-rays that expose your entire body. But, I think in terms of making us secure and making airplane travel safer, I think it's a great, great development."

The Transportation Security Administration says the scanners do not use radiation.

They say they use electromagnetic waves, which is the same technology as in cell phones, but thousands of times weaker.

As for privacy concerns, the body images on the monitor are what administrators call gingerbread outlines.

Every man and every woman has the same generic body image, and no images can be saved.

The scanner is optional.

Parents who do not want their child to walk through by themselves can go with the pat down search.


TALLAHASSEE – October 20, 2011 -

Those who fly out of Tallahassee will now be greeted with an additional step when going through security. That's because the airport now has a new full-body scanner.

They've been in larger airports for quite a while, and now Tallahassee Regional Airport here has a high-tech scanner for those traveling through the sky.

The scanner is now in use - however, it is different than the full-body scanners seen at many of the major airports. The image shows what they call a gingerbread outline of a person, so it's not as invasive as some of the other scanners. If TSA sees anything they deem to be out of the ordinary, then further actions will be taken.

This evening, we'll take a closer look at the scanner and talk with a representative from the transportation safety administration about this new addition and how easy he says it is to go through.

TALLAHASSEE – October 19, 2011 -

On Thursday, October 20th, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will demonstrate the advanced imaging technology (AIT) just installed at Tallahassee Regional Airport. The equipment uses new software known as Automated Target Recognition (ATR.).

ATR detects metallic and non-metallic threats, including explosives, concealed under a passenger’s clothing. When a potential threat item is detected on a passenger during screening, a generic outline of a person will appear on a monitor attached to the AIT unit highlighting any areas on the passenger that require additional screening. The generic outline of a person will be identical for all passengers. If no anomalies are detected, an “OK” appears on the screen with no outline.

The new software further enhances passenger privacy by eliminating passenger-specific images and instead auto-detecting potential threat items and indicating their location on a generic outline of a person. By eliminating the image of an actual passenger and replacing it with a generic outline of a person, passengers are able to view the same outline that the TSA officer sees.

Tallahassee Regional Airport has a millimeter wave (MMW) advanced imaging technology unit. There are approximately 500 AIT units at 80 airports nationwide.

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