Adoption Event for Cats Rescued from Caboodle Ranch

By: Jacquie Slater Email
By: Jacquie Slater Email

July 25, 2012 -

The ASPCA, in conjunction with the Jacksonville Humane Society, is gearing up to host a large-scale adoption event on August 11 & 12 to help find permanent homes for the hundreds of cats rescued from Caboodle Ranch in February. It’s been nearly five months since the cats were rescued.

Additional information about the adoption event is listed below:

ASPCA & Jacksonville Humane Society

Hundreds of cats rescued from Caboodle Ranch. Some of these cats have special needs, including barn cats and those that are FIV+ or have feline leukemia.

Saturday and Sunday, August 11 & 12
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

ASPCA Temporary Shelter
2580 West 1st Street
Jacksonville, FL 32254

These adoptions will be fee-waived. In addition, all of the cats that are available for adoption will be micro-chipped and spayed/neutered. Potential adopters should bring with them one government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport, military ID, or non-driver ID), proof of address, and a pet transfer crate. Veterinary forensics experts will also be on hand to provide tours of the ASPCA’s Mobile CSI Unit.

Smaller, separate adoption events for the Caboodle Ranch cats will also be held that same weekend in Sarasota (hosted by Cat Depot) and in the Tampa Bay area (hosted by the Humane Society of Pinellas in cooperation with SPCA Tampa Bay).

June 26, 2012 -

A judge has ruled that the Caboodle Ranch cats will remain in the custody of the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

The criminal trial against Caboodle Ranch owner Craig Grant is set for August.

ASPCA Applauds Florida Court Decision Placing Custody of Animals Seized From Caboodle Ranch, Inc. With Madison County Sheriff

The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) applauds the decision of the County Court, Third Judicial Circuit, Madison County, Fla., ordering the animals seized from Caboodle Ranch, Inc. (“Caboodle”) on February 27, 2012, as part of a criminal animal cruelty investigation, to be remanded to the custody of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. The Court stripped Caboodle, a Fla. not-for-profit corporation, of all right, title or interest in the animals seized from its facility in February and prohibited Caboodle from possessing other animals.

The ASPCA has managed the sheltering of the hundreds of animals (almost all cats) removed from the overcrowded and unsanitary conditions at Caboodle in Lee, Fla., approximately 64 miles east of Tallahassee, for the past four months.

“We are pleased that the Court so strongly affirmed what we knew to be true from our work on this case—that Caboodle has not provided adequate care for the animals in the past and is not fit to do so in the future,” said Stacy Wolf, vice president of the ASPCA.

“The Court’s decision has the best interest of the animals at heart,” said Tim Rickey, senior director of the ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response team. “As the Court noted, cats at Caboodle lived in filth; many were sick and in pain; hundreds of ASPCA responders have made an extraordinary effort to care for these cats over the past four months in order to bring them back to a basic level of health. Our hope is that we will soon be able to help them find the homes, special adoption arrangements or colonies they so richly deserve.”

Among some of the Court’s findings:

The evidence demonstrated “clearly and convincingly, that the Caboodle animals were not receiving proper and reasonable care while in the custody of Caboodle.”

“Caboodle’s own veterinarian testified that the number of animals on the Caboodle property on the date of the seizure significantly exceeded the limits he had recommended. . .”

Caboodle “depended upon a continuing influx of new animals for its financial survival. It is more likely than not that Caboodle would continue to fail to abide by the recommendations of its own veterinarian regarding population limitations if the animals were returned.”

“Sick animals were not adequately isolated. . .”

“. . . Caboodle is clearly and substantially lacking in the resources, ability, skill and (most importantly) willingness to follow expert veterinary advice essential to an operation dedicated to the care of such a large and apparently ever-growing number of animals it seemed intent on sheltering.”
The following criminal charges are pending against the founder of Caboodle: one count of felony animal cruelty; three counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty; and one count of scheming to defraud (felony).

Stay with WCTV for more on this story.


UPDATE May 22, 2012

WCTV has obtained photos submitted as evidence in the civil trial against Caboodle Ranch owner Craig Grant.

The exhibits show eight cats, in various stages of decay, that were found on the Caboodle property dating the seizure back in February.

Other photos show cats at the temporary shelter in Jacksonville prior to being treated for various illnesses.

The photos are graphic.


Madison County, FL -- May 3, 2012 --

In a story we've been covering since February.... a civil hearing is underway in Madison County to decide who gets custody of the more than six hundred Caboodle Ranch cats.

Six hundred and ninety two cats were seized from the Caboodle Ranch in February following an investigation by PETA. Since then, the cats have been in a shelter in Jacksonville. David Collins represents ranch owner Craig Grant.

"I feel that the facts are on our side, if the law is followed, and uh, we're ready to go. We're eager. We've been waiting on this day," said Collins.

The first witness to take the stand was Dr. Julie Levy who visited the ranch in May and June of 2009 at the request of the Madison County Sheriff's office.

"My initial impression was that there was too many cats for them to be receiving reasonable and proper care."

The judge is also hearing testimony to decide if Nanette Entriken should regain custody of her thirty-nine cats. They were seized from her home on Craig Grant's property two days after the raid.

"Her cats were not roaming outside the home. They were contained inside the home. They were healthy and should never have been taken, in my opinion."

Both Grant and Entriken were allowed to see their cats at the shelter in Jacksonville this week.

"They would not let me touch them. I could not open the cage to hold them. Um, they were standing by like guards, like I was a criminal,"
said Entriken.

The trial will resume Friday morning. Both sides hope to have a decision by early next week.

Grant faces animal cruelty charges in the case. A criminal trial date has not yet been scheduled.

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  • by Marianna Location: Florida on Jun 4, 2012 at 01:01 PM
    Has the judge rendered his decision on disposition of the cats?
    • reply
      by Fallon Ewing on Jun 4, 2012 at 07:47 PM in reply to Marianna
      Yes - check out the details on
      • reply
        by Marianna on Jun 5, 2012 at 05:14 AM in reply to Fallon Ewing
        No, I meant the legal disposition Has the judge rendered a decision to turn the cats over to the ASPCA? Jackie?
        • reply
          by Perry J Taylor on Jun 5, 2012 at 04:30 PM in reply to Marianna
          Not yet Marianna, the judge asked for some more information he wants by the 10th so the decision won't be until after the 11th.
        • reply
          by Marianna on Jun 6, 2012 at 02:39 AM in reply to Marianna
          thanks Perry, of whom did the judge ask more information from, the prosecution or the defense?
    • reply
      by Marianna on Jun 13, 2012 at 07:35 AM in reply to Marianna
      Well? Has the judge rendered a decision?
  • by Alaina on May 31, 2012 at 05:05 PM
    Ye need to see the real Caboodle Ranch:
  • by Lisa Wagner Location: somewhere in Florida on May 27, 2012 at 12:52 PM
    If they had a full time veterinarian, or heck, even a part-time one, paid employees AND volunteers, a limit to how many cats they took in, and an adoption program in place, maybe they wouldn't be in the situation they are in now.
  • by Janet Location: Washington on May 24, 2012 at 04:02 PM
    Ok so there were dead cats on the ranch-and??? Thats animal cruelty? Really? Should he have a cemetary with headstones-would that be better? Sorry for the sarcasm but if theres neglect or cruelty-(unintentional) then fine mention that-but photos of dead cats proves nothing other than he did have plenty of cats and some walked off and died. Thats what cats that are outdoors do by the way. Ideally it would be great to euthanize them when they get sick and that IS what I believe in-but I've had friends who have outdoor cats that were old and becoming sickly-they tend to just walk away and find a private place to die.
    • reply
      by Elise on May 27, 2012 at 09:45 AM in reply to Janet
      Janet, Some dead cats were found in buildings and just laying out in the open and one was found by following the smell
    • reply
      by Lisa Wagner on May 27, 2012 at 12:54 PM in reply to Janet
      How about the one trapped in the vanity that had to be humanely ethuanized? Or the two that were partially mummified in another vanity?
      • reply
        by Janet on May 31, 2012 at 02:53 PM in reply to Lisa Wagner
        There was a cat trapped in a vanity? A live cat? I hadn't realized that. I just saw dead cats out on the property. Very sad situation all the way around
  • by Mecq on May 23, 2012 at 12:56 PM
    When did PETA become a legitimate governmetal agency with the authority to make demands on citizens.???? I say give all the cats and all the other animals that are not indigenous to Florida to PETA. They obviously have the backing of very powerful people with nothing by time and money to waste. Does the Stand your Groud law apply to a PETA activist who approaches me regarding me expressing my constitutional rights to live free of harrasment, and free expression.???? This man had the compassion to provide shelter for these creepy cats. Instead of PETA being supportive they are being their obnoxious selves nd creating an issue when there is none. We need to put PETA in check..!
    • reply
      by Lisa Wagner on May 27, 2012 at 12:55 PM in reply to Mecq
      Yes, sir, with that Stand Your Ground Law, we're bound to have all sorts of folks packing their bags and moving on down here.
  • by Devils Advocate Location: Tallahassee on May 23, 2012 at 12:45 PM
    Two words- Blue Juice
  • by Perry J. Taylor Location: Port Orange,Fl on May 23, 2012 at 12:04 PM
    He wasn't alone, he had volunteers helping out all the time. The spy from PETA was supposed to be helping out in the sick ward but instead took time to video all the sick cats in a way that made it look like the whole ranch was that way. The spy also took videos of a trailer that was not being used and was supposed to be kept locked. It was going to be hauled off to the dump along with that infamous refrigerator they made such a fuss over. It was in the unused trailer to go to the dump too. The cats the spy pictured in that trailer had to have either followed her in there or she brought them in with her to get the pictures.
  • by Cows Rule Location: Madison County on May 23, 2012 at 11:24 AM
    I agree one person trying to handle that many cats is... well a crazy idea but in typical animal rights group fashion they are taking this to the extreme. Does anyone actually think this man's intention was to cause harm to these animals??? Maybe he isn't of sound mind but in no way will I believe this man intentionally meant to hurt these cats. These people are wasting our tax dollars and others donations trying to hang this guy out to dry. Way to go self rightious maroons. And yes I mean Maroons.
  • by Oy on May 23, 2012 at 06:50 AM
    Why are they so hell bent on a handful of deceased cats? If he loses his ranch, all of these cats will be euthanized after spending an unsuccessful prison sentence in a kill shelter. This guy was helping, not hurting.
    • reply
      by Lisa Wagner on May 27, 2012 at 12:57 PM in reply to Oy
      Oh, please...euthanized? Not. There will be lots of people who want to adopt an infamous Caboodle cat.
  • by Perry J. Taylor Location: Port Orange,Fl on May 16, 2012 at 06:10 PM
    DBGG, check it again. The prosecutor went to the judge and told him the ASPCA needed more time to get the cats ready. They won't be coming home until the 29th. Nanette is really torn up about this for obvious reasons.
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