Day Care Worker Sentenced to 13 Years in Infant Death Case

By: Julie Montanaro, Lanetra Bennett, James Buechele Email
By: Julie Montanaro, Lanetra Bennett, James Buechele Email



[UPDATE] May 15, 2012 11:00 p.m.

Tallahassee, FL

Emotions were running high in a Leon County courtroom Tuesday afternoon. A sentencing hearing for Barbara Knight, who also goes by Barbara Green, lasted more than 4 hours today.

Green will serve 156 months, or 13 years, in prison but will get credit for 569 days served.

"I'm sorry," said Green through tears. "I feel real sad, real bad. I'm sorry."

Both of Peyton Joshua's parents testified saying they forgave Green and asked Judge Mark Walker for leniency.

"I feel in my heart as if it was an accident and I left my kid with Ms. Knight because I trusted her," said William Joshua. "I feel it was an accident. So I forgive Ms. Knight and judge I ask that you have mercy."

"I hope nobody else has to go through what we went through and Ms. Knight I do forgive you," said Peyton's mother Ferres Joshua.

After Green was sentenced several of her friends and family left the courtroom in tears.


A daycare worker accused in the death of a 5-month-old baby has been sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Barbara Knight has been sentenced to 156 months in prison. Knight is also known as Barbara Green will get credit for 569 days already served.

Knight entered a no contest plea in March to charges of aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse. Knight was accused of beating 5-month-old Peyton Joshua to death at a Tallahassee day care center. Joshua was found cold and unresponsive at the Kids Club Day Care in September 2010. Arrest records show the baby had a fractured skull.


Tallahassee, FL - May 15, 2012 - Noon -

A daycare worker accused in the death of a 5-month-old baby will be sentenced on May 15th. Barbara Knight entered a no contest plea in March to charges of aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse. Knight is accused of beating 5-month-old Peyton Joshua to death at a Tallahassee day care center. Joshua was found cold and unresponsive at the Kids Club Day Care in September 2010. Arrest records show the baby had a fractured skull.


Day Care Worker Enters Plea in Infant’s Death
by Julie Montanaro

Tallahassee, FL -- March 30, 2012 --

A daycare worker accused in the death of a five month old baby entered a plea in court this afternoon.

Court records show Barbara Knight, 56, pled no contest to aggravated manslaughter in the death of Peyton Joshua.
Joshua (5 months old) was found cold and unresponsive at the Kids Club Day Care in September 2010.

Arrest records show the baby had a fractured skull. Knight will be sentenced May 15, 2012.

Detectives Charge Day Care Worker in Infant’s Death

[UPDATE] 12-1 2:45PM --

A grand jury has just wrapped up deliberations. It indicted Barbara Knight of first degree murder and aggravated child abuse for the death of 5-month-old Peyton Joshua at the Kids Club Preschool.


[UPDATE] 12-1 2:00PM --

A Leon County grand jury is now reviewing evidence in the death of 5 month old Peyton Joshua. The child died September 17th. He was found cold and unresponsive at the Kids Club preschool off Ross Road and a subsequent autopsy found that Joshua died of blunt trauma.

After a 5 week investigation, child care worker Barbara Knight was arrested and charged with aggravated manslaughter. The baby's mother testified before the grand jury. She walked in with tissues in her hand and a blue baby blanket tucked under her arm. A Kids Club employee also testified.

Stay with for details

Updated 10-26 by Lanetra Bennett

The day care worker charged with the death of a five-month-old baby remains behind bars.

A judge denied the woman's bond Tuesday morning (Oct. 26).

Along with blunt force trauma, the arrest report says that five-month old Peyton's autopsy revealed scars and scratches all over his body that the doctor reported would be very difficult for the child to inflict on himself.

Tallahassee resident Monique Williams says her two nieces recently attended Kids' Club Preschool.

Williams said, "The two year old, she said she loved it. She came home telling us, I got my ABCs. So, I figured she loved it. And my one year old niece, she learned how to walk there."

Five month old Peyton Joshua will never get to say his ABCs or walk.

Leon County deputies say on September 17th, they were called to the day care at 236 Ross Road, and Peyton was lying on the floor in the middle of the room wearing a blue and white onezee. The report says he was cold and unresponsive.

Authorities say the baby boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Kids' Club worker 55-year-old Barbara Knight was arrested Monday and charged with his death.

Charles Bartel lives directly across the street from Kids' Club. He said, "You see things like this on the news, but you don't really expect it in your own neighborhood. It's sad news and I hate to hear that to happen to any child and under any circumstances."

The doctor reported that Peyton had a skull fracture on the rear right side of the skull with what appeared to be injuries on the left side of the head.

Tallahassee resident Jonell Coley said, "It shouldn't have happened and I think they did the right thing by arresting her. I just pray; pray for the mother, the family."

The doctor also reported fingernail-like scratches on the infant's legs, arms, and buttocks that were in various stages of healing.

Williams said, "Now, I have to tell my sister-in-law she got to find another day care because that just don't seem right at all."

The report says Peyton's skull fracture happened before he died, and was most likely not accidental.

WCTV tried tracking down Peyton's family to get reaction with no luck.

The owner of Kids' Club says Knight was certified to be a day care worker.

But, Florida Department of Children and Families records show that during a March 2009 inspection, the preschool was in noncompliance for workers not having a valid certificate for child CPR.

According to DCF, Kids' Club had more than a dozen of noncompliance issues over the past year.


UPDATED 10.26.2010 by Julie Montanaro

Barbara Knight made her first appearance before a judge Tuesday morning. Knight was denied bond.


Tallahassee, Florida -- by Amy Long

A Tallahassee daycare worker was arrested on Monday, October 25, accused in the death of a five-month-old boy.

55-year-old Barbara Knight is behind bars, charged with aggravated manslaughter in the death of Peyton Joshua.

Knight was an employee of Kids' Club preschool off of Ross Road in Tallahassee. Knight looked after infants like Joshua. Knight had looked after Joshua for several months.

The initial investigation began back on September 17, 2010 when deputies and paramedics were called to the day care after finding the infant cold and unresponsive. Several failed attempts to revive the baby were unsuccessful.

"At the time we started the actually investigation it appeared to be a natural death. The autopsy revealed that it was not a natural death. That it was actually blunt force trauma," says LT Tim Baxter with LCSO.

Kids' Club Director Darryl James says Knight did have a certification, but couldn't remember the date when she started working for the preschool; believed to be somewhere around four years ago.

Investigating deputy LT Baxter says that there were four other infants in the room when the little boy was found.

"It's tragic. The loss of a child is just something you can accept and deal with in a proper manner," Baxter says.

Director James says he was advised by attorneys to not comment, but told Eyewitness News he was floored at the outcome of the investigation.

Knight's first appearance is scheduled for Tuesday, October 26 at 8:30AM at the Leon County Court House.

We will have more details as they become available.


Tallahassee, FL - The Leon County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Barbara J. Knight, 55, and charged her in the death of 5 month old Peyton Joshua. Deputies were called to the Kids' Club Day Care located at 236 Ross Road on September 17, 2010 after Joshua was discovered cold and unresponsive. Day care workers, deputies and paramedics attempted life saving techniques; however the infant did not

Evidence located during the autopsy indicated that Joshua died as a result of blunt force trauma. An intensive investigation involving the Department of Children and Families, the Child Protection Team, the Medical Examiner’s Office, the State Attorney’s Office and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office has concluded that Joshua’s injuries were sustained during the period of time that he was in the sole care, custody and control of Knight.

Detectives obtained a warrant for Knight’s arrest on Monday October 25. Shortly after obtaining the warrant, Knight was taken into custody and transported to the Leon County Jail. She has been charged with homicide- aggravated negligent manslaughter of a child

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  • by Visitor @ kids club Location: Tallahassee on May 21, 2012 at 06:09 PM
    Knight was mean to a little boy by the name of Neven because knight did not like neven's mother --He was 1 years old!!--LET KNIGHT ROT IN THE JAIL CELL!!!
  • by Anonymous Location: Tallahassee on May 21, 2012 at 04:56 PM
    Mr.&Mrs. James knew how sickly the old bity was--they knew she was in & out of the hospital--as far as I am concern they were are all responsible for this beautiful baby's death!! SHUT DOWN KID'S CLUB!!!
  • by Witness Location: Tallahassee on May 20, 2012 at 04:39 PM
    When Knight's snoozing was more important than a baby that had 102 fever in her crib, knight have been escorted out the day care!
  • by Justice! Location: Tallahassee on May 20, 2012 at 03:11 PM
    The old bitty should have received the electric chair.They should close kids club down!! How can you operate a day care with that kind of reputation. -BABY KILLERS-
  • by A GOOD FRIEND Location: TALLAHASSEE on May 18, 2012 at 09:55 AM
  • by Think Location: Florida on May 17, 2012 at 04:54 PM
    I see a lot of you talking about scratches on the baby. If you have ever had a child you would know that children scratch themselves with their own fingernails. The report didn't say that Ms. Green did that. It was merely reporting what they saw on the baby. Also, I have noticed comments about the worker being a very good lady that helped to raise children many years ago. Could it be possible that maybe she has health issues that could change that? I most certainly think that it could. I am sure that if there were a trial all of that would have come out. That is why she told the judge she was sorry and it was a bad, bad thing she did.
  • by moretoitthanmeetstheeye on May 17, 2012 at 04:44 PM
    Did anyone notice on the news film how badly the day care worker was shaking? She also did not speak very well. She is having symptoms of a neurological disease such as Parkinsons. If she had this while taking care of infants the administration should have known this and not allowed her to work with these babies knowing that she was incapable to hold them properly. Yes, she admitted to being the person that killed this child. Didn't you hear her admit it on the news? She said she was sorry and it was a bad, bad, thing. Why are you doubting her own admittance? But, she should have never been left alone with those precious babies. The Day Care is to blame.
  • by WTF Location: missouri on May 17, 2012 at 07:01 AM
    When i first read this story i was shocked that the parents would forgive & even call what this woman did an "accident". It didn't make sense, but has anyone read all the way back to where it began? Somewhere in the middle of these reports it mentions finger nail like scratches all over the baby's body IN VARIOUS STAGES OF HEALING. Are you f**king kidding me?! That should have told investigators right there that the parents were ALSO involved. Various stages of healing means it didn't all happen in one day & if they ever took the baby's clothes off for bathing/diapering then the parents either saw this & did nothing or did it themselves. In my opinion there must have been some mutual (possibly unspoken) agreement between the parents & the accused to allow that kind of abuse to continue.
  • by Just so you know... on May 17, 2012 at 06:16 AM
    Peyton's paternal grandfather is a preacher. You can bet that it was a difficult road to get where William and his wife could even say those words of forgiveness. I suspect that through a lot of prayer they have come to terms with what has happened to their family. Now with the sentencing behind them, I hope that they can finally grieve for their baby and eventually find joy in their lives once again.
  • by Voice of Reason on May 16, 2012 at 10:32 PM
    Look, the PARENTS of the baby asked for leniency because they forgave this woman for what happened. There is no need to fuss over her sentence because the PARENTS of the baby requested leniency. As for other users who have made the generalization that African Americans cannot properly care for children, how dare you. I am a Caucasian woman who went to daycare in Tallahassee as a child, all but one of the staff members was African American and I still have fresh memories of their kindness and the friendly atmosphere. How dare you use one person to make an assumption about an entire group of people. My own daughters and nephews go to a daycare in Tallahassee now with a racially diverse staff, and none of them mistreat my kids.
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