Suspect Arrested For Murder in Flea Market Shooting

By: Lee Gordon
By: Lee Gordon

Police have arrested a murder suspect in connection with Saturday's Flea Market shooting. Just after 8:00 Wednesday night, Tallahassee Police arrested 27 year old Andre McCray at 1039 Richmond Street in Tallahassee.

According to Police Spokesman Dave McCranie, McCray was arrested on 1st degree murder charges as well as possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. McCray lives in Tallahassee but is from Miami.
Authorities say two other men in the getaway vehicle looked at a photo line-up and have identified McCray as the shooter.
One of those men says McCray told him the victim flinched...and "I had to shoot him." He says McCray told him the victim fell down and was reaching for something so he shot him again."
Copy of Affidavit:


On July 12, 2008, at approximately 5:00pm, officers from the Tallahassee Police Department responded to 2525 South Monroe Street to the Allen Shannon Indoor Flea Market in reference to a subject who had been shot. The victim was identified as Rony Germinal. Germinal was transported by EMS to the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Emergency Room where he subsequently died as a result of his gunshot wounds.

Witness Rivers, who was visiting Germinal at the Flea Market, advised he had entered the bathroom after Germinal. He stated there was an unknown black male also in the bathroom. Rivers said Germinal and the suspect spoke very briefly to each other by saying, “What’s up?” Rivers stated he then heard a gunshot. He and Germinal tripped over each other and fell to the ground. The suspect pointed the firearm at Rivers and Germinal and stated he would kill them. Rivers crawled into a bathroom stall and then he heard another gunshot. When Rivers came out of the bathroom, he didn’t see either Germinal or the suspect. Rivers found Germinal bleeding and collapsed in the middle of the walkway. Rivers provided a description of the suspect as a black male wearing a green and cream horizontally striped collared shirt and black jeans.

Witness Jones stated he was in the indoor flea market when he saw a black male running down the hallway towards the front entrance/exit. The male pushed a female out of the way and then Jones saw Germinal walking down the hall after the suspect. Jones said Germinal said “Hey, Hey” as he held part of his gold chain in his hand. Jones thought the suspect had just robbed Germinal and was unaware Germinal was shot. Jones ran after the suspect and followed him outside the flea market where he saw the suspect jump into a green car. Jones said the car was backed into a parking spot in front of the Family Dollar and the suspect got into the rear passenger door. Jones described the vehicle as being light green or “kind of” teal with dark tinted windows, 4 doors, and having the trunk lid tied down with rope. Jones tried to remember the tag and provided a partial of “C7SX.”

The gun used in the incident was a large chrome handgun. Two .45 caliber shell casings were recovered from the crime scene. Several witnesses advised hearing two gunshots. Preliminary autopsy findings also indicated the victim was struck by two rounds, one of which struck the victim in the abdomen.

The description of the suspect and the above vehicle were released to the media and Crime Stoppers on 07/12/2008.

On July 14th, 2008, a Crime Stoppers tip was received that advised the suspect from the shooting at the indoor flea market was Andre McCray.

Later this date, a citizen contacted the police department in reference to a suspicious vehicle that matched the description of the vehicle observed leaving the scene of the shooting. The suspicious vehicle was a green Ford Taurus bearing Florida tag C758SX. The trunk of the Taurus was secured by a rope. The registered owner of the vehicle was identified as Heller.

A search of TPD’s databases revealed that a traffic stop was conducted on the above vehicle on 06/05/08. The driver at the time of the stop was Heller and a passenger was identified as LaCharles Hudson.

Investigators surveilled the vehicle and made contact with Heller as she approached. Heller voluntarily responded to the police department for an interview. Inv. Mahoney and I spoke with Heller. She stated that “Mac” a/k/a LaCharles Hudson always has her car. On Thursday evening (07/10), Hudson picked her up from work and drove her home. He dropped her off and left in her vehicle. She did not see Hudson or her vehicle again until Saturday (07/12) night. Heller stated a friend called her late Saturday night at approximately 9:30pm and told her about the murder at the flea market. She was told the news provided a suspect vehicle description that matched her car. Hudson then called Heller and she asked him what happened. According to Heller, Hudson said he didn’t know the suspect was going to shoot him. Hudson told her, he and Robert Copeland took a third person (suspect) to the flea market to buy some weed. He and Copeland were sitting in the car when the suspect ran back to the car and told them he had shot him two times in the stomach. Heller also spoke to Copeland who was with Hudson. Copeland also denied knowing the suspect’s intentions. They both told Heller they didn’t know it was going to happen. Heller stated she did not know the suspects identity or street name and didn’t ask because she didn’t want to be involved any further.

On July 16, 2008, Copeland and Hudson were interviewed in reference to the shooting.

Hudson stated a subject he only knows as “Miami” or “Fool” called him on Saturday (07/12) and asked for a ride to the indoor flea market so he could buy some “weed.” Hudson, Copeland and Jeremy Franklin picked up “Miami” in Heller’s car and drove down to the flea market. Copeland was driving, Hudson was in the front passenger seat and “Miami” was in the rear driver side passenger seat (behind Copeland). When they got to the flea market, Copeland backed into a parking space in front of the Family Dollar. Hudson stated the suspect took Copeland’s chrome handgun from a pocket in the back of the driver seat and stated he was taking the gun in case something happened. Hudson saw the suspect put the gun under his shirt as he exited the car. Hudson had Copeland crack the rear passenger window so he could see out as they waited for “Miami.” About five minutes later, Hudson saw “Miami” running back to the car with the gun in his right hand and his left hand balled up. Hudson also saw another male running after “Miami.” The suspect jumped into the rear driver side passenger seat and yelled, “Drive, Drive, Drive!” Hudson said they drove “Miami” back to his apartment on West Tharpe Street. Hudson stated the suspect told him that the victim “flinched or something” and “I had to shoot him.” The suspect told Hudson the victim then fell down and was reaching for something, so he shot him again. Hudson described the gun as being chrome with black handles.

I showed Hudson a photo line-up with six photos one of which was a photo of McCray. Hudson identified McCray as the shooter and the person he knows as “Miami.”

Copeland provided a similar account as Hudson. Copeland stated he was driving, Hudson was in the front passenger seat, Jeremy Franklin was in the passenger side rear and the suspect, who he knew as “Fool”, was in the rear driver side seat. Once they got to the flea market, the suspect asked Copeland if he had any fire in case he gets robbed. Copeland gave him a .45 chrome semi-automatic handgun from the center console. A few minutes later, Copeland stated he observed the suspect come running back to the car with another male chasing after him. Copeland advised “Fool” handed him back the gun and he could smell the gunpowder. According to Copeland, the suspect told him he met with a white male in the flea market who directed him to the victim. Copeland stated he knew Germinal as the “grill guy.” The suspect said he and Germinal went to the back and Germinal asked him where the money was? The suspect told Germinal he had the cash but wanted to see the weed. Copeland said “Fool” told him he saw Germinal reaching for something that looked like a .380 and he had ten seconds to make a split decision, so he shot him twice in the chest.

Inv. Mahoney showed Copeland a photo line-up with six photos, one of which was a photo of McCray. Copeland advised the photo of McCray was the shooter/suspect and the person he knew as “Fool.”

Contact was made with a friend of McCray’s, June Hill, who was identified as a person he called shortly after the murder. Hill told Inv. Mahoney that on Friday (07/11), she spoke with McCray on the telephone. He told her he went to “Psych’s” house on Basin Street to buy cocaine. However, she set him up and when he got there he was robbed. On Saturday, Hill received a phone call from McCray where he told her to turn on the news. He then told Hill that he went to the flea market to get his hair cut. He saw the guy (Germinal) who he believed robbed him from the night before walk by. McCray said he followed him to the back. Germinal was turned away from him doing something. According to Hill, McCray told her when the victim turned around he shot him once in the chest. Germinal then fell down and he then shot him again.
A short time later, McCray called her again and told her he was coming over to her house. He said “Grimey” didn’t have any cleaning supplies. He asked her to give him some cleaner, so she gave him a bottle of bleach and a rag. Hill said McCray washed his hands with the bleach and then left. Hill stated McCray left the bottle of bleach and the rag at her house.

According to the Department of Corrections, McCray was released from prison on 02/24/2008 after being convicted of a burglary with a person-assaulted charge (Case No 0127991).

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