LCSO: Drive By Shooting Off Springruff Drive, One Injured

By: Lowndes County Sheriff Office Release
By: Lowndes County Sheriff Office Release

Valdosta, Georgia - November 7, 2011 -

On Saturday, November 5, at approximately 11:15 pm, Lowndes County deputies were summoned to 4153 Springruff Drive regarding the aggravated assault of an individual. Upon arrival deputies discovered that Todd Alexander, who is twenty five {25} years old, had been shot in the right leg. Todd Alexander was transported to South Georgia Medical Center by ambulance.

Investigators with the Criminal Investigation Division were called to the scene and during a subsequent investigation learned that a vehicle had driven by the residence and began firing, striking Todd Alexander, the residence and vehicles parked in the yard. A neighbor, who was standing in his yard at the time of the event, indicated that he saw a dark colored mini-van, with several occupants drive by and began firing at the residence.

No arrest have been made in connection with this incident as of yet and this investigation is on-going. Anyone with information pertaining to this incident is asked to contact the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office at {229} 671-2950

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  • by to anonymous on Nov 15, 2011 at 01:02 PM
    You are so right people the neighbors hood does not not nothing about what really happen that night .. If you park your can beside the curb they will call the law all them 43 times when the law was called he went in the house donot u think if he smelled pot they all would have been arested .. There is not one time that anyone was arested for drugs the law was called because they was car parked on the curb since when is it against the law to park your car or truck against the curb 43 calls was called because they were cars or trucks parked against the curb .. find out the facts what happen before u say anything about the people on springruff dr .
  • by Anonymous on Nov 12, 2011 at 07:13 PM
    The law got called to night from the concern people across the road from them .. There was a car parked with florida lic. plate well she has family who lives in Florida just like I do so tell me if I have a Florida car or truck with a Florida tag in my yard or parked long side of the road are u gone to call the law on me ?
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Nov 14, 2011 at 11:15 AM in reply to
      Yes, they will. If you have a car with rims they will call the law, if your car has a shiny paint job they will call the law, if you car is low they will call the law on you, if your car has rust they will call the law, if you're riding on black out rims with no caps on them they will call the law, if you have tent on your windows they will call the law, if you don't have tent on your windows they will call the law. Do you get what I'm saying? Other then being there for the family for a support. It seems like they just want to hurt them even more!
  • by Cocern Citizen on Nov 11, 2011 at 02:29 PM
    I like what u both said it is so true no one never knows what will happen in there life .. all to the ones .. U all should be a shame of yourself .. I was always taught to help poepole not slander them .. I would have been very concered for all these victims that happen that night this all happen offer them my surport .. But know u all turn your backs on them .. They never ask for a drive shooting ... They need to arrest the one who started it in the first place not the victims they had nothing to do with this shooting ..I am so glad I donot live there for neighbors to turn there backs on me when they need all the suport from there neighbor hood .. It says love they neighbor .. Shame all of you in Northlake subdivison
    • reply
      by The injured victim on Nov 12, 2011 at 09:03 AM in reply to Cocern Citizen
      Thank you Cocern Citizen! Like I've said in my other post. I have a family of my own with 2 beautiful girls, one of the best jobs you can have in Valdosta. I do no drugs not even a cigaret. We was celebrating my birthday with all of my family at the lil river fishing all day having a great time. We stayed a lil pass dark and had things with us we needed to take back to my moms house. like the grill, pots, pans, etc.. and just wanted to spend a lil more time with my mother. My girl wanted to smoke a cigaret so I went out side to be with her, we was out side talking about how it's getting late and that we needed to get home. I've step off the porch next to my step fathers truck to see a van with the sliding door open and people with guns, starting to shoot at me more the 12 time. I 100% have nothing to do with these people. and our neighbors who should be there for you wants to just judge people and don't have any hart to help. My job put me on a lead of absents so I have no money coming in to support my family. I had to get blood thinner meds that cost $800.00 I've already got a dr bill for $8,000,00 Thank you again Concern Citizen to telling it how it should be. My mothers neighbors are not helping at all, They are trying to get her kicked out of the house telling her that her 4 boys are not allow to see her and just trowing out negative.
  • by ccncern citizen for inocent people on Nov 10, 2011 at 01:10 PM
    what nice neighbor hood where is ur secured gates at Northlake Subdivison to protect these people from getting shot at .. U need to hire someone to patrol the area to keep this nice neighbor protected .. Better yet get GATES PUT UP U WILL BE SAFE if they donot jump over the gates or the fence .. What a joke u all are in this neighbor hood it could have happen to u think about it no u want to talk about people you donot know nothing abou in your safe neighbor hood .. Just think about it there drive by shooting everyday listen to the news better yet get on ur computer you will find out more about drive by shooting here in Valdosta , Georgia it happens everyday trust me I know
  • by Anonymous on Nov 9, 2011 at 07:15 PM
  • by The injured victim Location: Valdosta on Nov 9, 2011 at 06:10 PM
    Time to let the truth out. I first would like to say I'm the victim here the one who was shot. I don't live at my moms house, I have a family of my own with 2 beautiful girls. I work at one of the best places you can work for in Valdosta. Every time I visit my own mother the neighbor right across the street calls the law to her house because my car is parked in the street. My mom has 4 kids and yes we all have are own rides, we love our mother and will visit her everyday. our neightbor thinks we are drug dealers for the fact that they are cars always there. The same cars everyday just always family. A drug dealers house has different cars non stop coming to the house. the neighbor has nothing else to do with there life other then judge there neighbors. They know nothing about us at all. I was shot for nothing I've done. I don't know the shooters. All I have is the description. I gave the law everything I know. Why would I not? To let who ever shot me to finish me off? Leaving my family with no daddy? With no support? come on neighbor use your head. Are u on anything? You know nothing about me so keep your judging to your self. The law even told us you call them from stupid things. using are tax money to call the Law because my car is parked in the road? They thought it was funny the way you go out the way for things. Thank you for no support for me. Hope you feel great about your self. my mother will never move out just because of the way you are. If u don't like it then move out ur self.
    • reply
      by 100% victim on Nov 9, 2011 at 07:15 PM in reply to The injured victim
      Perfect comment....Love it,love it,love it!!!!!!
  • by 100% victim Location: valdosta on Nov 9, 2011 at 06:10 PM
    To set things straight i was there the night this happened & to the one who says they know all that happened you dont!The victim is truly the victim he had no part in any of this he hasnt lived there in 3 yrs & was just visiting his family & was outside fixing to go home when the shooters opened fire.He has never dealt with drugs or dealt with anyone who would do anything like this,he is a hard working man trying to support his family like most of america & this very unfortunate thing happened just like alot of radom crime in Valdosta destroying good families that are innocent.
  • by to local neighbor on Nov 9, 2011 at 06:03 PM
    hey local neighbor...u also said it was careful a rumor is not a fact....and its a shame u want to slander an injured victim...u know nothing about...well u claim u know..him..and his family, but u dont know he lives in another neighborhood. please...dont judge him on a rumor..thats just wrong.
  • by Anonymous on Nov 9, 2011 at 05:51 PM
    You are slandering yourself because u donot know Todd he a family member he had nothing to do with the drive by shooting that happen that night .. I am a very close family member I know what happen that night do u really no since u are not a family member so u cannot say u know what happen u got ur info from the street bits and peaces .. If u know so much then u know Todd so well then u would know that Todd does not live there since u know the family so well when was the last time u went to Todds house surley not at springruff dr . Know one knows Todd in that neighbor hood surley not you .. Have u been to the hospital to see Tood since u know him so well I can answer that no u haven't .. Todd is innocent by stander he had nothing to do with what happen that night ... I do know there 5 people in the hospital right now who was in a drive by shooting do u know them ?
  • by someonewhocares Location: valdosta on Nov 9, 2011 at 05:32 PM
    to the neighbor, i also know todd alexander,and he is not involved in drugs. U dont know wht u are talking about, and u sure dont know him or u would never say the things u have said, and to all who said he needs to leave, pretty stupid when he does not even live where the drive by took place. U are slandering this victim. what a shame, hes in the hosipital and how can he help when he never even got a good look at them. He took a bullet on his bd celebration. I was there and they are very good people in that home. Pity u dont really know them...and feel the need to lie...once again...this victim was only a vister. thanks and my prayers go out to his family and him in the awful time. please neighbor...thank god u arent mine. Help people in need and stop judging...unless u know who u are really judging. I will pray for u have a blessed life day wht ever.
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