Bikini-clad PETA Members Protest Tallahassee McDonald's - SLIDE SHOW

By: PETA Release
By: PETA Release

UPDATE by Jill Chandler April 27, 2011 5:35p.m.

Red Bikinis, red body paint, and honking. This was the scene at the McDonald's on North Monroe Wednesday.

PETA protesters say McDonald's supplier uses slaughter methods that cause chickens to suffer the pain of broken wings and legs, cut throats while they're still conscious, and the birds are scalded to death in defeathering tanks.

Tracy Patton is one of the bikini-clad protesters. Patton said, "Boycott McDonald's in order to you know make a common sense switch."

The protesters say they aren't here to stop people from eating the food, but to get people to write letters, urging McDonald's to change their ways.

Even McDonald's workers came to see what was going on.

Angela Jackson is the manager at the McDonald's on North Monroe. She said, "I applaud them for what they're doing... it takes a lot of guts to stand out here on the side of the road."

But the manager doesn't think what they are doing will change anything, just yet.

"They might change their ways of killing the chickens because so many people are out there saying about how they don't like how it's being done. I guess if they get enough people maybe they will change it," said Jackson.

It sure did cause a scene. People were rubbernecking in traffic, and even stopping in to see what's going on.

One customer pulled up and said, "Oh Absolutely! It's great marketing... well done."

"The response has been very positive. There's a lot of people honking and giving us the thumbs up and really just encouraging us to keep putting the pressure on McDonald's."

The bikini clad protesters are going to Jacksonville tomorrow, and then Tampa to continue their fight against the slaughter method.

Tallahassee, Florida - April 27, 2011

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Tallahassee, Florida - April 26, 2011

Wearing nothing but red bikinis and bodypaint to illustrate what happens to chickens when they are scalded to death in defeathering tanks, PETA members will convene outside a Tallahassee McDonald's restaurant to protest the abuse that chickens suffer in slaughterhouses that supply the fast-food chain. Other PETA members will hold signs reading, "McCruelty: i'm hatin' it."

McDonald's American suppliers are under fire for using an outdated killing method that often causes birds to suffer the pain of broken wings and broken legs, have their throats cut while they are still conscious, and be scalded to death in defeathering tanks. By requiring its suppliers to update their slaughter methods, McDonald's could eliminate all these abuses.

"We're heating things up to help customers see exactly how coldhearted McDonald's is when it comes to chickens," says PETA's Tracy Patton. "People will flock to other restaurants when they learn that McDonald's is too cheap to make basic changes that would prevent birds from being scalded to death."

The protest will be at the McDonald's on 3819 N. Monroe Street in Tallahassee. PETA plans to begin protesting on Wednesday, April 27 at Noon.

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