[UPDATE] Brother and Sister Burglars Busted

By: Julie Montanaro; TPD Email
By: Julie Montanaro; TPD Email

UPDATED 12.28.2010 3:30pm

On 11/29/10, brother and sister, John and Shaena Osborne were arrested in the area of Parrot Lane in Tallahassee. They were charged with multiple counts of auto burglary.

Investigators from the Tallahassee Police Department Police Department served a search warrant on their residence and located additional stolen property.

Investigators have been tracking down the owners of the property and additional warrants have been obtained for John and Shaena Osborne.

John Osborne currently has warrants for multiple counts of Petit Theft, Loitering and Prowling, and Trespassing. Shaena Osborne has a warrant for Grand Theft.

Police are seeking any information on their whereabouts or involvement in other criminal activity.


UPDATED 11.30.2010 6:30pm

A brother and sister are behind bars tonight and Tallahassee Police are still trying to tally the number of car break ins and home burglaries they've committed.

Devin McLaughlin called 911 after his friend discovered his GPS and more missing from his car here on Sandpiper Street. He says that's when they spotted a woman with a bag in each hand and gave chase.

"She kept on running after she dropped the two backpacks full of stuff. Some of his stuff was in it and it ended up having like a lot of other people's mail and school stuff in it and CD players," McLaughlin said.

Shaena Osborne and her younger brother John Osborne were caught by police minutes later, arrested and charged with burglary. Yet police investigators say the duo may be responsible for much more than car break ins.

A search of their grandmother's house on nearby Mary Ellen Drive Tuesday morning turned up televisions, game systems and more. So investigators on scene say residential burglaries may be a part of their repertoire too.

"We have at least one large screen TV that's been definitively linked to a residential burglary and we'll be going through the process now of going through the other electronic devices and serial numbers," SGT Gary Steinberg said.

Those on Sandpiper Street say this block is no stranger to break ins and they wonder how many are the work of Shaena and John Osborne. Police say the duo may be responsible for as many as 10 car burglaries on this street alone.

"It's shocking, kind of hurtful to know that people have been breaking in around here, but glad that they've been caught," resident John Williams said.

"It violates you so bad, it makes you so angry," Lucas Brown said as he described having two recent break ins.

Brown says his car was burglarized Monday night too. Whoever did it, he says, came up empty after rifling through every last one of church collection envelopes.

At last check, John and Shaena Osborne were still behind bars with bond set in excess of 12 and 18,000 dollars respectively.

A burglar has to drop the loot and run after folks on Sandpiper Street give chase.

28 year old Shaena Osborne and her brother 25 year old John Osborne are now behind bars and Tallahassee Police suspect they may have committed as many as ten car burglaries on Sandpiper Street alone.

Police served a search warrant at their grandmother's house nearby and say they recovered big screen TVs, gaming systems and other electronics that they are now trying to link to residential burglaries in the area. At least one TV has already been linked, the sergeant on scene said.

Coming up at 6, we'll hear from the man who called 9-1-1 as his friends chased Shaena Osborne down the street.

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  • by Bonnie Location: Greensboro on Dec 29, 2010 at 01:51 PM
    TO "HMA" that is so funny...I was thinking the same thing. "BOOGER".
  • by *sigh* Location: Tallahassee on Dec 29, 2010 at 09:36 AM
    If you read the article, you'll see that the police arrested the pair on multiple counts. Then had to track down the owners of property that was recovered. They now appear to have additional warrants (presumably because they could link the property to other victims). The police do not set or pay their bail. If the dynamic duo are out, on the run it is because they were granted bail and someone paid it.
  • by a mama on Dec 29, 2010 at 06:28 AM
    ok, how in the world did they lose them???? Looking for their whereabouts?? Really??? TPD didn't keep them the first time they found all of this out??? What a joke our force is. Good job police. You found the items and lost the bad guys.
  • by Anonymous on Dec 4, 2010 at 09:03 AM
    This lady I went to church with beat a guys behind for breaking into her home. He was holding her and the children at knife point. I commend her for taking action. This kids may not have been harming nybody but I would do the same thing if they entered my home. Posessions do not help those in need and if they were in need, maybe they should have spent their money on food instead of drugs.
  • by Anonymous on Dec 4, 2010 at 09:03 AM
    I've been in need pretty much my whole life but I made something of myself. That's how you get out of being in need. Go to college and make your own money.
  • by Sarah C. on Dec 4, 2010 at 08:59 AM
    If somebody came in my home, I wouldn't hesitate to kill them. I have my child with me at the house 24/7 and who knows if the person is trying to rob me or hurt me and my child. Just letting TPD know so I don't get charged with anything but self defense.
  • by to Peter on Dec 2, 2010 at 05:26 PM
    The proper spelling of God is God, not god. We are not talking junk about two people, we are talking about two thug crimnals, I dont always beleive what I read, but I do beleive what the court system has charged them with in the past. Lets see here drugs,stealing,false imprisoment,burgurly,etc etc etc and etc. Sorry I dont think its talking junk, but bearing false witness is a big sin, so the people saying this is a couple of good people just down on there luck is sure talking the junk here. It sounds like to me some people wanna take up for the trash of people these two really are, but all I ask is to send the next bunch of good people like this to my house and I'll put good use to them pushing up the weeds till God comes to get his people. innocent till proven guilty yes, but history has a way of showing what is to come from what has happened in the past, and your friends were cought red-handed this time, so you may wanna go tell them goodbye, as i have gut feeling prison is coming
  • by peter Location: florida on Dec 2, 2010 at 03:48 PM
    all of you are cowards who have no lives who live their lives on the computer talking junk about people who you know nothing about and if you believe everything you hear in the news your dumber then i thought there are so many things you havent heard of that havent been released and when it does we'll see what you have to say then and im sure half of you walk around calling yourself christians yet your passing judgement in the end god is my judge and the truth shall set us free and god knows whats in my heart and none of you do we love all your comments it only shows us even more how sick the human race can really be innocent until proven guilty?????
  • by HMA on Dec 2, 2010 at 11:41 AM
    Does anyone else think the brother looks like "Booger" in Revenge Of The Nerds?
  • by David Location: PA on Dec 2, 2010 at 07:45 AM
    angel 2 thank you for sticking your neck out to only be attacked by people who are supposedly not monsters in this thread. Jesus loves you and i do too.
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