Detectives Arrest Two, Seize Money, Guns and Marijuana

By: LCSO Press Release; Julie Montanaro Email
By: LCSO Press Release; Julie Montanaro Email

UPDATED 12.14.2010 6:45pm by Julie Montanaro

A pre-dawn raid sends a couple to jail and yields thousands of dollars worth of drugs.

Neighbors are stunned and say they've never noticed anything suspicious on the quiet cul de sac.

It all started when U.S. Marshals knocked on the door at 1989 Gina Drive in Tallahassee just before sun up today.

They had gone to arrest a man on outstanding warrants and noticed marijuana on the coffee table, LCSO deputies say.

A search warrant turned up this: more than 25-thousand dollars worth of pot, three guns and more than 37-thousand dollars in cash.

Drug agents say the marijuana was stashed in ziploc bags and mason jars, and the cash was hidden in lots of places.

"The money was stashed in some work boots. Some was in some clothing. Some was hidden in a shelf in a spare bedroom closet as well as a good pile of it was right on the nightstand," said SGT Ed Cook, with the Leon County Sheriff's Office.

25 year old Nicholas Kerr and 29 year old Greta Jackson were both arrested and accused of maintaining a drug house and possession of marijuana with the intent to sell it.

Kerr also faces three violation of probation charges that initially brought marshals to their door.

Kerr and Jackson will go before a judge tomorrow morning.

On December 14, 2010, members of the Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force served several VOP arrest warrants on Nicholas Kerr at 1989 Gina Drive.

While inside the residence, task force members observed several small bags of cannabis and bundled currency.

LCSO’s Vice Unit obtained a search warrant for the residence. During the search, three firearms, 5 pounds of cannabis, $37,690 cash, a money counter, scales, baggies, and a vacuum sealer were seized.

Nicholas Kerr, 25, and Greta Jackson, 29, were arrested and taken to the Leon County Jail.

The full release is attached above.

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  • by just sayin Location: tally on Dec 16, 2010 at 06:55 AM
    Well...if they had just turned themselves in at the church the LE wouldn't have found their prospering home based business. You think they pay taxes? Just being sarcastic, please don't answer.
  • by Anonymous on Dec 15, 2010 at 12:45 PM
    "wondering"-LOVE how you say racist people make your stomach churn...YET, you made an extremely racist comment about the white sheet groups...Hmmm. Shenika Bonifah Latricia..whatever your name is...if you are trying to prove a point atleast make some sense. You are telling justice to reread? REREAD their comment, because you obviously didnt understand it. Let me guess...your baby's daddy is felon.
  • by Country Location: Working on Dec 15, 2010 at 12:21 PM
    Shenika,Please get hooked on phonics! What someone is going through? I grew up hard and worked for what i have. These two are lazy thugs that are nothing but a thorn in the side of society. I can also tell from your post that you are most likely a welfare mother sitting at home yourself. Good day.
  • by shenika Location: peterson on Dec 15, 2010 at 11:41 AM
    TO whom ever justice is: Like i said i stand on my own 2 feet.Can you say the same justice. Now what you can do is read this twice if you may. First of all i wasnt talking about miss jackson. What you need 2 do is check your facts before you speak.(Justice) What you need 2 do is mind ur own business like these rest of this ignorant peole leaving stupid comments. U never know what another 1 is going thru so ur r not 2 judge.And i'm a child of god and i'm not judging any 1. that's not my place or yours either. wink on that. But what u can do like i said is drop on you knees because it sound like u really need 2 pray instead of running 2 pie hole.And i don't have 2 make up no excuses 4 one 4 no 1. that's not my job. And a post and someones life is 2 didn't things honey. what on godly's earth does a drunk driver have 2 do with this nothing just like you dont so what im going 2 need you 2 do is sit down before you think about writting something else.Dont nobody wants ur advice. Go chock on .
  • by justice Location: everywhere on Dec 15, 2010 at 11:11 AM
    Correction, I posted Jackson county in my post instead of Leon, my bad!!
  • by Thankful Location: Blountstown,FL. on Dec 15, 2010 at 11:10 AM
    @ WHOMEVER THAT IS HATIN ON THIS STORY,u all need to got find something else to do in life than minding other peoples business. Everyone has had something in their life to go wrong,but its not the end of the world.So what gives u the right to judge someone that u don't even know.Actually this lady in that photo is a very sweet person so u can't judge a book by its cover.Get your facts straight.So u should take all ur negative comments and shove them.@ the one who says that the police should have shot them ur stupid,maybe they should have shot u for posting that crap.Instead of judging them u should pray 4 them to all the ones that got da sense god gave u. Negative comments don't make u nobody it makes u look real stupid.Take a minute & look at ur life then let the world know whats wrong with it.Love ur life and don't be a hater all ur life. PS.Victoria Baker
  • by justice Location: everywhere on Dec 15, 2010 at 10:55 AM
    To Shenika, you are funny! give convicted felons a job.OK, is that Miss Jackson excuse? She has no prior felony record.Where are there jobs in Blountstown?Talk to your city Counsel, have you done that? Oh,and one other thing.They are from Blountstown ,yet move to sell drugs in Jackson County, hmmmm wouldn't it have been better to get a legal job there. sit down and re-read what you wrote, and yet you try and portray yourself as a God fearing child, don't judge you say!! Isn't that what you just judged a poster here!! oh , but it's OK for you I guess.yes? P.S. you stand on your feet girl,Kudos.LOL *wink* NEXT:TO jsknow,you ask when was the last time I heard of alcohol dealers getting into a shoot-out? never..just a lot of lives taken from drunk drivers and shootings over arguments stemming from drunks.But weed sales.I know of many killings over that also, bottom line..IT'S THE LAW, live with it or change it. My advice,live with it and obey it,until its changed.
  • by wondering Location: why on Dec 15, 2010 at 10:26 AM
    @ Shenika thank you!! I get so tired of reading negative blogs from IGNORANT people. The comment, "cops should've just shot them" makes my stomach turn. I'm so convinced Tallahassee has some very racist people who hide behind "anonymous" screen names & white sheets. Yes the white sheet groups still exist right here in the Capitol. Did anybody go posting negative stuff about the individuals recently busted for running a meth lab? Nope, good ole boy syndrome. Sweep around your own front door Mr or Mrs Anonymous. Keep in mind our wrongdoings are judged by only ONE & that's God. Your right to saying what's on your mind is your right!! With that being said, anonymous keep making your ignorant comments, one day you will reap what you sow, believe that!! Peace, Ms. Cathy Woods
  • by Anonymous on Dec 15, 2010 at 10:14 AM
    mind your own business and this doesnt concern you kinda goes out the window once its plastered all over the news in ..... wait for it, "public". moron
  • by shenika peterson Location: blountstown on Dec 15, 2010 at 08:10 AM
    First of all people need to mind there own business, because this don't concern you. Instead of critizing you need to be praying. And you're very ignorant to be saying they should have shot them for what? Beacause the person who said that how much wrong do you do. Don't judge people until you sweep around your own front door, and 9-10 yours aint clean.Everyone makes mistakes and you are not to judge them. Society would be whole lot better if they game convited felons a job,that's part of the reason they do what they do, if you couldnt get hired would you let you family go hungry or without? Yea i didn't think so.So the next time you pectators go ruuning your mouth judge self first and let God handle the rest. PS. I don't have to be anonymous because i'm grown and can stand on my own two feet with no help.
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